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Comment Zerocoin Efficiency Problems Solved (Score 2) 287

From the creator of Zerocoin:

Richard Stallman's calls for anonymous Bitcoin. Good thing we've fixed the main efficiency limitations of Zerocoin


Spends are now about 300 bytes and take about 10ms to verify. Took a completely different set of crypto primitives to get there.

Comment Depreciation (Score 1) 287

Depreciation isn't really the right word. You can keep value indefinitely - as long as you move the money periodically. You don't have to actually spend it. Perhaps you could mark some addresses as being "storage" addresses so that people can keep cold wallets without worrying... But that runs the danger of being confusing or people just marking every address and cold storage (perhaps increased transaction fees could discourage this).

Comment Blockchain (Score 5, Interesting) 287

The size Bitcoin blockchain is quite problematic. The size is huge. What is really needed is a system where coins outside of circulation lose value so that the length of the blockchain can be easily kept to a manageable size because lost coins will disappear and the amount of history you have to keep (and verify) will be much smaller.

I think the emunie project had an interesting approach to making verification quick and efficient but I can't remember the specifics.

Comment Are you 12 years old? (Score 1) 113

I don't think there exists a single pro gamer that uses Intel graphics hardware. The Nvidia driver on Linux is more than adequate - and considering AMD/ATi's drivers are crap on Windows it's hard to produce any meaningful comment on that area. Also, if Direct X is so essential and magical then why don't consoles use it?

Comment Re:The cost and use of plastic bags (Score 1) 470

In Australia plastic bags are generally gratis. The cost of them is just factored into prices whether you use them or not... So, rather than buying bin liners I use the bags from my shopping. I wish more stores would use the biodegradable variety - then I'd have the best of both worlds!

Comment Re:EVE Online (Score 1) 555

You don't have to join a corp at all - but without a corp space is a *really* empty place. Also, most of the gameplay is driven by groups of players, so unless you purely want to do NPC oriented stuff (and even then, only small enough to do solo) you're gonna have a bad time. The value really comes from other players.

You die when you are stupid. There's nothing more and nothing less to it.

Comment Stop and consider... (Score 3, Interesting) 83

FreeBSD probably isn't useful to you every day. Maybe some of your net traffic will go through a FreeBSD box, but that box could be replaced by just about anything really. However, I'm not trying to say that FreeBSD is useless or irrelevant - what I want to say is that FreeBSD has some excellent out-of-band uses.

I think people should consider the value of the educational, developmental, experimental and competitive opportunities that FreeBSD provides. We need projects and communities which have low hanging fruit for beginners and we need projects that are ready to give different approaches to problems a go - so that the rest of us on whatever OS can learn from it regardless of the success of the implementation.

The same goes for my favourite alternative OS - Haiku which also contains some bits and pieces from FreeBSD for networking/wireless IIRC. (BTW, it has package management now and a lot of improvements to the native browser, and more.)

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