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Comment Re:Describe the goal, not the step (Score 1) 350

Some people read the question as "How do I do $step?", infer a most likely goal from the described step, explain why that step isn't optimal in one's own opinion, and propose alternate steps to achieve the same goal.

How do I get a Sluftwaffle Mark II to slurf the gripple?

You'll get better results using a Wafsluffle Mark IV.

I don't have a Wafsluffle.

You should get one. The Wafsluffle supports up to version 4.0 gripples, while the Sluftwaffle can only handle up to version 2.9.

That's okay. All of my griffles are version 2.0.

You really shouldn't be using gripples below version 3.0.

Comment Re:Oh no, we're screwed! (Score 1) 139

And even when I do get a HD TV, I'll still use my trusty DVD players. Heck, I'm still using one about 10 years old that has the annoying habit of automatically closing the tray a second after you open it. So you need to open it, hold the tray open, place the DVD in and *then* let it close.

Sweet. My old Pioneer player is the same way. I'm so used to holding the tray that I get startled when I encounter a DVD player which doesn't automatically close its tray. It's like when I drive an automatic transmission car and keep hunting for the clutch.

But, I agree. I have no use for Blu-Ray now, nor do I expect to until DVD is defunct.

Comment Re:Nothing to worry about (Score 1) 379

Disney's formula has pretty much been lame-ass princess romance stories unless they feel like branching out and ripping off some anime. Lion King was Kimba, the one with what was it, Atlantis? That was ripping off another anime with a hero with glasses who had the hots for some native-type chick in a bikini.

Fushigi no Umi no Nadia, released in the US as Nadia: The Secret of the Blue Water.

To be fair, Gainax borrowed elements from Miyazaki's films for Nadia, though they didn't do anything as blatant as swiping the appearance of the two main characters like Disney did.

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