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Comment Re:Bunch of BS (Score 0) 327

That "excercise" was conducted by a bunch of former Bush officials and other neocons. It wasn't a test of our cyber security, it was a propaganda tool designed to embarass the Obama administration and urge a further erosion of our civil liberties.

I'm pretty sure the Obama administration is embarrassing themselves just fine on their own... Also how is the healthcare bill NOT a way for the guberment to further erode our civil liberties?

Comment Really (Score 0) 619

It frustrates me that these bureaucrats really do not get it, well maybe they do and just want to force more unnecessary laws on us. The television companies have obviously performed some cost analysis and decided while the consumers power costs maybe slightly higher, the TV will cost $1200 instead of $2400. According to this CNET article, a typically 50-inch plasma LCD would cost an average household around $63/yr to run. This legislation is going to do nothing but slow the sale of TVs in California which may result in job loss for the individuals who work for these TV manufactures. The economy has slumped enough, why can't we just leave it alone so a recovery will come in a year rather than years.

Comment Great, how are we going to be pay for it (Score 0) 804

So you want everybody to have free health care, great! How exactly are you going to fund it? This is the common trend I see with ideas proposed by liberals; they sound great but when you get down to the details underneath they make no sense and/or are not logical. I recently watched President Obama's address to Congress and while what he said sounds great, he did not provide details on how we are actually going to pay for his proposal. While I'm a conservative and want everybody to have access to health care, there currently is no logical way to implement the proposed system without greatly increasing the national debt. You can't have a government that has a debt larger than 4 Trillion dollars (Hey Obama thanks for railing Bush about how large the national deficit was and then quadruple it in 7 months). We are at the brink of massive inflation thanks to our urge to spend our way out of a recession and if we continue this trend, it will end in a depression. Also, I take great pride in reading comments personally attacking Gov. Palin/fmr Pres. Bush however these same individuals are the ones out there asking for the conservatives to respect President Obama. If this isn't the pot calling the kettle black I don't know what is.

Comment Enough (Score 0) 827

I am sick of reading about how the "evil corporations" are just raping and pillaging us everyday. The people that spew this garbage everyday are the same ones that voted and still defend a man who can't even figure out whether he's for or against a single-payer health care system. How has the government helped us especially with the phone companies? After the AT&T breakup the government did allow them to merge back together did they not? Instead of figuring out ways to "subsidize" telcos (which just takes money out of the public's pockets from a different angle), why don't we try lowering the corporate tax which has proven to work before?

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