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Comment Some doctors in my hospital do cancel elective sur (Score 4, Interesting) 332

I am an anesthesiologist. When I am on overnight call I am always off the next day. Our group of Anesthesiologist strongly believes this is the right thing to do. On overnight call I don't come in until 3pm because 24 hours it too tiring. The motto of the American Society of Anesthesiologists is "Vigilance" You can not be vigilant if you are sleep deprived. On several occasions I have seen heart surgeons who are up at night with emergencies call off scheduled, elective cases in the morning. Perhaps we just have a good bunch of surgeons here, but all of the OR team (nurses, perfusionists, Anesthesiologists...) think it is the right thing to do.

Comment Free Legal care! (Score 3, Insightful) 475

Where is the call for the US governemt to take over Legal care?
Isn't legal care a right? Isn't $425,000 a big bill to be paid?
Where are the liberals and the Democrats in calling for Lawyers to be paid like Doctors?
How about a system of free legal care for everyone with lawyers paid according to a scale set by the governemnt? Spying on kids = $8,000 fee, not $425,000.
Unlike Obamacare, this really could save taxpayers money.

I just wish Congress did unto lawyers what they do unto doctors.....

Comment Re:Encrypted and validated data stream? (Score 1) 83

I am an Anesthesiologist in the US. Yes, in the US most of those tubes are put in by the Anesthesiologist. People tend to think of Anesthesiologists as being experts in giving drugs to make someone sleep. That is actually easy to do. The problem is keeping them breathing and the ABCs: Airway, Breathing, Circulation. People don't usually die from drug overdoses, they die from lack of oxygen to the brain because they stop breathing. THE experts in keeping the airway open and keeping someone breathing are Anesthesiologists. I could give a person a synthetic narcotic that is 100x as potent as Heroin and give them a 100 fold overdose and keeping them alive would be easy for me: just breathe for the patient until the drug wears off. Developing some kind of remotely controllable robot to keep a moving 400 pound (in the US we have many obese patients) patient's airway open would not be easy. Another other difficult problem would be nerve blocks: remotely advancing a needle to just outside the spinal cord, or just into the left brachial plexus seems like a difficult job to do by remote control. So cool use of a remote connection, but I'm not worried that I'll be outsourced anytime soon. I will be physically present at 2am putting that epidural in your back for your labor pains.

Submission + - Who needs possessions? (

olddoc writes: This story by the BBC reports on people who live with minimal possessions besides computers. With all your music, photos and work on your computer, it is possible to live out of a backpack.
Just don't suffer a disk crash!

Submission + - How do you select?

olddoc writes: Poll:
Single click
Double click
Touch Screen
Tab — Enter
Never! command line only.

Submission + - How can I get S3 Suspend to Ram to work? 1

olddoc writes: Why is suspend to ram so broken? My wife thinks her quad core SSD equipped PC is slow because it takes 25 seconds to resume from suspend. I've had trouble with PCs running XP, Vista and now 7. Sometimes there is lockup on resume. Sometimes it takes 25 seconds. Sometimes the network adapter doesn't work. I've found similar problems with Linux since 2.4 kernel days. I would assume Macs get this to work since they control the hardware.
Does anyone know how to troubleshoot Windows STR issues? How do I get reliable wakeup in 5 seconds with a working network connection? Are Macs reliable at suspend/resume?

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