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Submission + - How can I get S3 Suspend to Ram to work? 1

olddoc writes: Why is suspend to ram so broken? My wife thinks her quad core SSD equipped PC is slow because it takes 25 seconds to resume from suspend. I've had trouble with PCs running XP, Vista and now 7. Sometimes there is lockup on resume. Sometimes it takes 25 seconds. Sometimes the network adapter doesn't work. I've found similar problems with Linux since 2.4 kernel days. I would assume Macs get this to work since they control the hardware.
Does anyone know how to troubleshoot Windows STR issues? How do I get reliable wakeup in 5 seconds with a working network connection? Are Macs reliable at suspend/resume?

Comment I Don't think they have been proven yet. (Score 1) 467

I LOVE my flash drives in my desktop (OCZ) and Thinkpad (Samsung) I'd hate to go back to legacy spinny storage, but I had 2 USB flash drives crap out recently. A 32GB OCZ and a 1GB no name recently failed without being abused. I would be hesitant to place consumer ssds where there is no backup in place or where replacement is an issue. The CFL reliability story is apropos: it is easy to slap a 10,000 hr rating on a bulb or a 1,000,000 hr MTBF rating on a SSD. In the real world, it might not work that way.

Comment 20 years of asking what works: (Score 4, Informative) 1146

I have been an Anesthesiologist for 20 years. I have been fascinated when I see 80 year olds who have been married for 50+ years and they still care about each other. Whenever I have a couple like that, who tearfully kiss goodbye before surgery, I ask what the secret is to being married >50 years. The consistant pattern of advice I find is two things: 1) Be easygoing, compromise. 2) Make each other laugh. I don't know how many times I've heard "He makes me laugh" with people who are married >50 years. So do you make her laugh? Does she make you laugh? Is she willing to compromise a little if you want to do something she isn't in to?

Comment Anesthesiologist uses it IV (Score 4, Interesting) 700

I am an anesthesiologist. I regularly see people who drink 6 cups a day and have to go without food or water before surgery.
Intravenous caffeine is available as a drug and I will give it to patients in a dose of 250-500 mg. to prevent bad withdrawl headaches.
If a heavy coffee drinker has his last coffee at 8pm and goes without until he wakes from surgery 18 hours later he will probably have a withdrawl headache.

Interestingly, IV caffeine is also used to lower the seizure threshold in electroconvulsive therapy for depression. It promotes a longer seizure.

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Submission + - How reliable is computer memory these days?

olddoc writes: I remember reading about cosmic rays causing memory errors and how errors become more frequent with more RAM. That was in the days of 512MB systems. Now home PCs are stuffed with 6GB or 8GB and no one uses ECC memory in home PCs. Recently I had consistant BSODs with Vista64 on a PC with 4GB and I tried memtest86 and it always failed within hours. Yet when I ran 64bit Ubuntu at 100% load and using all memory it ran fine for days. I have 2 questions: 1) Do people trust a Memtest86 error to mean a bad memory module or motherboard or CPU? 2) When I check my email on my desktop 16GB PC next year, should I be running ECC memory?

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