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Comment Re:Recoup the lobby dollars (Score 4, Insightful) 209

Where do you pay an explicit "school tax?" It's usually taken out of property taxes and other general funding streams.
Regardless, educated masses (even only semi-educated ones) are a public good, and you are paying for the benefits
you reap or, if you wish, you are paying back the cost of your education.

Comment Re:I gave gifts like this once. Everyone hated the (Score 1) 377

It's nothing like your anaology. People could use the software without becoming zealots.
An office suite is generally useful, and not everybody wants to/can afford to pay Microsoft,
or feels uncomfortable stealing.

And in the case of the question at hand, what difference does it make to the brat if nerds
have more than one reason for liking the games they are being given?

Another layer of framing that might help a project like this would be to explain that the
productivity software is "bullet-proofof", but in the event assistance is needed *with it*
you'd be happy to help. If you're likelyto beroped into providing support anyhow, why
not make it easy on yourself/

Comment DeduceR or R Commander (Score 1) 146

PSPP is a nice idea, but lacks functionality. SPSS is ridculously priced, even with IBM's "discount" for non-profits.
DeduceR and R commander give you access to the full power of R under R GUI. DeduceR gives you spreadsheet
like data entry and basic stats, and then you can load R Commander for a menu driven interface more advanced

Comment Re:Once and for all (Score 1) 798

There *can* be a distinction, my point has been there need not be,
yet you initially cast upon the OP a distinction that was unnecessary.
As I later clarified, the OP was likely speaking to form follows function*,
just as Mr. Fry was.

* Or in this case, form should follow from function.

Comment Re:Once and for all (Score 1) 798

You & Mr. Fry are arguing about the notion that form follows function;
and bollocksing up by using synonyms which have different meanings.
This is different from what the OP said, but is what he was arguing for:
Design/form/style that suits the purpose/function/substance rather than
chrome for chrome's sake.

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