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Comment Re:The Moon (Score 1) 703

dont you think in a war, some country who doesnt like the USA, or whoever is building a moonbase will experience death and destruction via missile?

screw the debris that gets released from the moon as a result, im sure that country could calclate to make most of it hit other countries.

other than that, the moon doesnt have deposits of Helium3, its scattered throughout the moon so scavenging would be the option, and even with robotic machines, its still too expensive

raises flame shield*

Comment Re:US Intelligence (Score 1) 630

It's Probably a ploy not to go to war, at the moment the USA is extremely pacifistic about war now that its in 2 different countries. going to a 3rd wouldn't make popularity of war any good.

though any country who doesn't want Iran with nukes should declare war... its like the time before ww2 all over again... just without nukes

so is Iran going to use them? well unlike alot of different countries, Iran is active saying they would attack different countries, or make threats (like to the USA and Israel) additionally the fact that the government doesn't represent the people only gives reinforcement to that.

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