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Comment Re:My mother has celiac... (Score 1) 68

As someone who is currently in the diagnosis process of celiac I concur with it being terrible. A lot of people think it's like lactose intolerance where you're ill for an hour or two then fine. If I have any gluten at all then I'm not able to leave the house for 24-36 hours and it takes 4 or 5 days for me to actually feel okay again.

That said, I haven't had as hard of a time finding gluten free foods as I thought I would. Sure I had to radically alter my diet, and I can't get a straight answer out of a lot of manufacturers, but there are a lot of things that will actually say gluten free on them (and I reward companies that come out and say it with my money, so that I don't have to search through a list of ingredients).

Comment Bestbuy (Score 1) 322

I was recently helping my parents pick out a new hub at bestbuy since they needed one solely to add an ethernet port to their network for their tivo to plug into. Speed didn't really matter since it was just for getting subscription data. When we went and found the wired networking stuff they had exactly 2 to choose from. An $80 gigabit switch and a $30 10Base-T switch. Not a 10/100 hub or switch, just a 10Base-T one. I had no idea they still made these lol.

Comment Re:Google Apps (Score 1) 194

It took two or three tries for it to actually show up in my mailbox at all. If you're logged into an apps account, going to plus.google.com doesn't work at all, you can't see anything beyond the error message about it not working because your organization doesn't support profiles.

Comment Re:Google Apps (Score 1) 194

When you click an invite to google+ and you're logged into a google apps account you get a message that says:

Oops... you need a Google profile to use this feature.
Google Profiles is not available for your organization.

From the reading I have done on the web it says that google profiles are not yet available for google apps, though they are working on that in the future. I can't, in fact, find any other references besides your own saying anything except that google profiles are not yet available for google apps users.

Comment Google Apps (Score 5, Informative) 194

it's okay, I can't sign up for an account anyway. Why you ask? It's because my email is hosted with google apps, and google apps doesn't support google profiles, which are required for google+. I'm the admin for the domain, so it's not a case of I haven't flipped a switch for myself and my users, it's a matter of google not offering support for it. I'd love to use google+, but as an adopter of other google services I find I'm left in the cold here. My google apps use is much more important to me than google+ is.

Comment Once again the pirates win! (Score 1) 535

Good job Capcom, you know which people will be able to play the game as many times as they want? Software pirates. If they beat the game and want to give it another go they'll just delete the save game on their flash cart so it's like the game was never played.

I guess I can cross Capcom off my list of companies that I'll buy games from.

Comment Something more complicated (Score 1) 264

My last flight left on time, but arrived early... in the wrong city. We had to make an emergency landing because they were getting a warning about the landing gear. Right before we landed the pilot got on the intercom and told us all to ignore the firetrucks and ambulances parked off the side of the runway. We ended up having to catch a different flight home, and ended up arriving several hours later than we were supposed to.

Comment Re:Carter lead Reagan 2 years out too (Score 1) 1128

When attempting to slow the economy, actions can be taken that will see results THAT very day. When attempting to jump start an economy that's in free fall you don't have such options. Go taken an introduction level macro economics course, you might find it eye opening. I don't always agree with the democrats (though I find I do agree with them more than the republicans), but it's the mindset you exhibit itself that keeps politicians from either side from ever actually doing anything. If the general public doesn't see instant results (which are impossible), then they immediately want to vote everyone out of office.

Comment Re:Time for them to throw in the towel (Score 1) 390

Actually, once during my current subscription they lowered the price. I got a nice letter saying that my price per month went down some amount (like a dollar or two or something). They may raise their prices in the future (it would make sense with the fact that inflation does happen) but it will probably be some time before they do.

Comment I shoot a 35mm camera still (Score 1) 342

That's mostly because I can't afford a DSLR, and also because I mostly prefer black and white photography, and enjoy actually doing the dark room work myself. I've actually got an old 8x10 sitting in my garage I've been meaning to fix up and use, but I've not found the time more money to yet.

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