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Comment Remind me... (Score 1) 548

Why do we even like the idea of sales tax again?

It still seems silly to me, I don't see why we can't just have income tax. Of course, we can also tax some luxury items/things we want to deincentiveise, etc.

Sales tax ends up being a sort of flat income tax on most lower income people anyway, at least In states where it applies to food. It seems that it would make a lot more sense to only have the people that can afford to pay taxes pay them (that is, people that have income to spare).

As is, sales tax makes it that much harder to survive at the lower end in the US.

Comment Obvious things obvious (Score 1) 180

Seriously, I'm pretty sure Autism traits are just generally valuable in many programming and computer related situations, and it is not at all uncommon for engineers to have some basic Autistic traits. I kinda thought this was common knowledge.

Still, it's nice seeing an effort to integrate some of those have have more social issues into productive jobs.

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