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Comment Re:Working with his father... (Score 1) 247

It's a continuum and it depends on the parties involved. I've collaborated on undergraduate research with my father (paper ended up being accepted to ISVD a couple years ago), and the work I did with him at 18/19 was definitely not beyond my abilities at 15, and was probably more creative and challenging than the work I did this summer on a DOE fellowship.

Comment Re:Homesteading (Score 1) 269

Sure, but the theory is based on natural rights philosophy (independent of government meddling) and is a prescriptive theory of how legal systems should operate, rather than descriptive theory of how they do operate.

Comment Re:UDP ... (Score 1) 151

Presumably the reduced overhead of UDP was considered by the developers to be a worthwhile tradeoff against the convenience and stronger guarantees afforded by TCP.

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