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Comment Re:I'll give you more than one (Score 1) 700

The Bible. Except for atheists and agnostics, most people should insert their favorite holy book here.

In the USA, at least, everyone should list The Bible, even if they've never read it or don't believe a word of it. After all, it's largely because of The Bible that...

  1. Gay people can't marry.
  2. Women are second-class citizens who can't be trusted or expected to manage their own lives.
  3. Gays, non-whites, and non-Christians are second-class citizens and are treated with mistrust or contempt, sometimes to the point of assault or murder, and do not deserve to have their views reflected in government or society.
  4. Slavery was all good and well into the 1860's and race discrimination was still going strong 100 years later.
  5. Infant boys have parts of their genitals cut off.
  6. We are in perpetual war with much of the Middle East (the Qur'an shares much of the blame here).

Whether you believe The Bible or not, whether you've read The Bible or not, whether you even care about The Bible or not, it has restricted your liberty if you live amongst those who live by it.

Comment Bear in mind... (Score 1) 654

Nostalgia translates from Greek as "painful homecoming". This is no place for happy memories. While I would probably find older versions of Windows painful to use now, I do not remember them that way.

Some of the contenders for me are Corel Wordperfect Suite 8-9, Quickbooks, Mac OS X, DOS Shell, Ins-Pro, RightNow...

Those last two probably take it. They're both so bad I'd have a hard time choosing.

Comment Re:Not just analytic... (Score 1) 1258

Ah, this is where you have your terminology confused:

  • Religious - You believe in a god.
  • Atheist - You do not beleive in a god.
  • Agnostic - You are not sure whether to believe in a god.

Note that not believing in a god is not the same thing as saying there is not a (miniscule) possiblity that one exists. I don't know if a god exists, I'm an Atheist, and what that means is I have no reason to believe in a God, and more than I do in an elephant in my bathtub.

Your terminology is off as well.

A theist believes in a god. A religious person need not (see Buddhism).
An atheist is one who is not a theist. They may not believe in god or they may believe there is no god.
An agnostic believes that the truth about the existence of god(s) is unknowable.

You can be agnostic in addition to theist or atheist. I don't believe in gods but I also don't think we can be certain about their existence. I'm an agnostic atheist.

Comment Re:*Facepalms* (Score 1) 237

Instead, we should focus on a more permanent solution, that of removing people from environments that would necessitate putting an electrode in their brains.

As a 25+ year sufferer, I agree with you somewhat; it's best to put the puzzle piece where it fits rather than take scissors to it. The problem is that sometimes that environment is society itself and it's just not very realistic to remove oneself from society aside from death, which also doesn't technically solve anything.

I often feel like I need to move off the grid somewhere and live a simpler, "natural" life without all the schedules, pressures and expectations of a normal life. Long term survival in the wild would probably stress most people out, but to me it's every day pressures and decisions that are complicated and confusing.

I moved from the woods of upstate NY to St Louis in 2010. It was exciting for a few months but the buzz of the city, even a small city like STL, slowly burned me out. I moved back this past fall.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not some highly dysfunctional hermit: I function rather well in modern society, there's just no contentment in it. Only hiking brings me any significant peace.

Comment Re:Ice age (Score 1) 1181

So I am leery of any predictions that go far into the future when we can all agree that weathermen's (climatologists) predictions are basically a joke.

Weathermen are meteorologists, not climatologists. There's some relation but it's a significant difference.

Also in the 1970s these same climatologists were claiming that the ice age was right around the corner.

In the 70s a small number of climatologists predicted a cooling period was underway and, even though they were refuted by the vast majority, the news papers and magazines ran with the story as an imminent ice age because that sounds scarier.

I am absolutely not equipped to say that they are right or wrong. What I will say is that they are often wrong about what is going to happen tomorrow. So I place zero value of what they say will happen years into the future.

You don't have to believe their predictions; you can look at the recent records and see that it's hotter now than it's been since the "Medieval Warm Period" which we shot past 5 or so years ago.

Comment Re:At Least... (Score 1) 286

Your rights are granted to you by society (i.e. the people, i.e. you).

Ha, that is most certainly not true. If it was, how do you justify saying "slavery was wrong"? Or don't you? Because if rights are only granted by society, then if society as a whole decides certain people don't deserve certain rights, then they don't get those rights and that is perfectly justified (if what you say is true). Perhaps you meant to add certain qualifiers.

You have to say there are certain rights that humans possess by being human. And then there are certain rights that society can grant later. Basic health care would be a good example: it isn't a basic human right, but it can be granted as a right by a society that passes a certain stage of wealth and medical technology.

You are both wrong because rights are not given or granted; they are taken from those who would deny them.

Want free speech? Speak freely and with no regard for those who would silence you.

Rights are a matter of opinion. The ones the majority agrees upon are the ones that are recognized. There are people who believe they have the right to kill and there are people who believe we don't have the right to say things that offend them. The only thing that makes both of them wrong is that they do not have the numbers to force the issue.

If you believe you have a right that is not recognized then find ways to convince others that you are correct. Racial equality and women's rights both got where they are because people protested, made noise, made arguments and gradually convinced the majority that they were right. Gay rights isn't there yet but is following the same model.

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