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Comment Re:Easier to block? (Score 1) 131

It isn't extortion. The disconnection is legal under the terms of the contract (violation of TOS).

Reconnection is then subject to negotiation, or the customer can take their business elsewhere. That cannot be extortion because you aren't threatening the customer with anything. He can have his server back. He is under no obligation.

<i>...it's forcing entry to a legitimate server or tampering with their equipment (if you were mistaken about them being a spammer).</i>

It's not forcing entry at all. It is entry with permission as the result of a non-obligatory contract renegotiation.

Comment Re:Easier to block? (Score 1) 131

Well, you probably broke quite a few laws by using coersion to gain access to a customer's servers. But I for one would overlook it, given the benefits to the world at large (still it could be risky).

Fortunately, given the use of GRE tunnels, the spammer probably broke more laws, and would probably be a bit hesitant to sue.

No legal problem there. It's a contract issue.

Comment Re:Licensing nightmare? (Score 1) 378

Fonts are only protected in that they are "programs" for creating type. Once a font is used, you own the result. The shapes themselves are not protected.

With an image, if you subsequently use an image, you are making an unauthorised copy.

With a font, once you have the font and use it, then the output is entirely yours.

The different between fonts and images is that images need to be copied (infringement), but fonts only need to be used (not infringement).

Fonts may come with an EULA which tries to change this, but it is debatable whether this would be valid as you did not agree to any contract when you visited the website with an embedded font.

Comment Re:Licensing nightmare? (Score 1) 378

So you end up with a legitimate copy as you describe. Now you could move that copy to your system font directory. You could direct anyone else who needs the font to go to the same website you got yours from and move it to your system font directory in the same way.

So if any one website uses a font, everyone has access to a free font download.

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