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Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 619

two things.
One - the vast amount of public transportation in the USA was initially designed to move poor people
Two - tn's not cheaper then owning a car.

As a side not: a bus is a great energy waster. Less energy would be used if everyone who rides a bus drove a car.

If you want people to Use mass transit it needs to be planned at the tate level, and it needs to be subsidized. People aren't going to pay the same or more to be inconvenienced and be on someone else's timetable.

Anecdotal example:
I worked at a company that gave everyone annual passes to public transportation. Half the people used to every day. Most of the rest used it 1-3 times a week. Plus we could use it at other time. So I would take mass transit to the zoo on weekends with my kids.
I don't work there and I can't really justify paying more to ride the bus.

Comment Re:Good! (Score 1) 619

Why would it. They need more money to dot hing X. Reducing else were isn't more money.

And politician cut taxes often, and it usually turns out to be very harmful becasue they take money from critical areas before pork.

the 50's and 60's had great education in this country. Once the taxes got slashed in 69/70 education started spiraling. Did you know that when adjusted for inflation, we out half as much into the schools per child then in 69?

Reducing taxes is foolish. Find a program people don't want and has no use, get rid of it.
Then reduce taxes to reflect the lower output. Or move the money into area that we need it in.

Comment Re:So when does the trickle down start? (Score 1) 619

No, it wouldn't push that much wealth over seas. Stop buying into that crap.
At least it didn't before. If it does now, we can deal with that.

Frankly I think we should go back to the 1968 tax rate with 2 modifications:
1) Adjust the income levels for inflation. That would mean the 90% tax rate would be on money over 70Million.
2) Don't tax the first 20K

I would also put a .05% tax on all trades, buy or sell. Put the money into education. The higher the education level, the better to country over all.

Comment Re:Why not? (Score 1) 619

"The tax-per-gallon is over 2x as much as the oil companies themselves get from it in profit"
so what? Why does that matter one bit?
The things the taxes god to support ahve gotten more expensive, and they tax hasn't gone up in over 20 years.. 20 years where MPG has gone up as well as costs.

"*and* jack up prices for everything "
I didn't know congress raised the prices of all things.

Everything in your post is irrelevant to raising the tax. You're just an angry person who just looks for any excuse to be angry.

And yes, we have recovered. I have no idea why you think otherwise.

Stop being a dummy.

Comment Re:Did anyone care anymore? (Score 3, Funny) 105

Yup we didn't need print magazines in the 80's. Because downloading images at 2400 baud and displaying them on your 8 color computer was vastly superior to full color printing and inexpensive monthly delivery.

I used to print out source to do code reviews, because I was too impatient to wait for VGA projectors to be invented.

Comment Re:Reasons to use Snail Mail (Score 1) 113

" your grandchildren (great or not) don't and won't,"
You're projecting, stop it. You may not giver a crap about the lives of you GP or GGP, but many people do care about their GP and GGP. Why do you think genealogy has such a huge amateur following?

Also, there are historian who wold like to archive specifically because you are a boring average person.

"for the rest you use a courier service."
Or spend less money with a higher degree of accuracy and use USPS.

"And the living address you get from where?"
Don't be a myopic ass.

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