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Comment Re:The ancients (Score 1) 86

The difference between people then and people now is almost entirely culture.

" which was so advanced that it was not equaled in some ways until the 1900s
hahaha. Medicine was largely unchanged during that time. Wasn't until the end of the 19th century before actual science started being applied to medicine, for the most part.

Comment Re:A legal question (Score 1) 189

Or they can just be asked for it.

Engineer know how to deal with security of vehicles. When was the last time hackers took a commercial air craft and forced it to land at a different airport?
" impenetrable barrier for evacuations out of a city.
HAHAHAHAHA.. if a city need to be evacuated, the traffic leaving will be an impenetrable barrier. In fact, since cars will be running and people will still have the illusion of control they will sit in there car. If there car doesn't work, i.e. the illusion of control is removed, they will get out and run for it.

Comment Re:All across America (Score 1) 189

Trending. Maintain long term data of you're driving trends, traffic along the trends, etc allows for better predictive applications.

When you look at large dataset over time people have never really looked at before, patterns emerge. Narrowing those patterns down to eliminate noise and you can use it to make better driving decisions for the individual, and society. Patterns bout your life you aren't even aware of will emerge.

Frankly, so what if someone know where you drove to last year.
Data collect and cameras are here. The fight is how it's used and by whom. Frankly, I would like the automotive companies to keep it forever but have to get my permission to give it to the government and that the government must serve ME with a warrant to get the data.

Comment Re:The Internet of THINGS! (Score 1) 219

Activate the tracing system so we know where everything is, call the police and let them know I've been robbed and ere is the location of my goods and then enjoy my vacation knowing I will get my stuff back and likely get the perpetrator.
After a while that will be so common place people won't bother to rob homes for most things.

Ah yes the old days fallacy. Give me a break.
In the scenario you have laid out I can call my neighbors, tell them I was robbed, and to double check there locks.

Comment Re:The Internet of THINGS! (Score 1) 219

IT will also know you have less coffee and when it gets to a threshold automatically add it to your grocery list on your phone.

Is there coffee in the coffee pot? the internet of things will check if you need the pot turned off becasue you are at work.

Being able to go through my day knowing my routine needs will be taken care of is pretty good to me.

Now if I should just say 'poop
  and have me poop moved to some sort of ice dimension.

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