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Comment Re:Only one way to stop this (Score 0) 264

" about limiting the right of the Federal government from infringing the rights of the people"

How is monitoring infringing on any rights at all?
No where is the constitution does it say you can't be monitored.

" that "Shall make / not" means exactly what the dictionary says it does. "
No, that's stupid, at the very least. see 'literally'.

" The first and second amendments alone have been trampled with literally tens of thousands of laws that take away or limit said rights (I haven't even touched the other amendments)."
false, but nice of you to have drank the NRA koolaid.

Comment Re:Could be good. (Score 0) 274

You can magical get fat. You can change the way you matabilize food, you might retain a little extra water, other than that you aren't gaining more fat than the calories you eat.

This country is gotten so fa,t it doesn't know what fat is. I had a conversation with someone complaining becasue his BMI said he was fay. I said 'you are fat'. He looked at me is disbelief.
I'm like, yes you are fat, not obese, but id you stomach is not smaller than you chest, you are fat.
Rule of thumb, may not apply to people on the extreme of the bell curve.
Right not people seem to think you aren't fat until you get some roll which is typically obese.

Anyways, you sister in law is using her medications an excuse to eat too much. Probably they zapped some energy form her and she doesn't move as much, thus needing fewer calories. That was speculation.

Comment Re:B-b-b-b-but (Score 1) 791

The poster comment was about the mark-up, and it's an Apple discussion, so bringing up Google/Android/Anybody else would be irrelevant. You're reply was simply a knee jerk Apple apologist response.
He never said evil, you did.

The poster in no way makes their opinion known on those other products. You CAN make sarcastic remarks about Apple and also make sarcastic remarks about other companies.

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