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Comment Kids-friendly search engine (Score 0) 72

Filtering the explicit material from search result is one thing, but can any search engine be simpler than what we already have in Google or Bing? Adult content are already filtered by default and they're already simple enough that even my 5-year old nephew can use them with no fuss. Perhaps what the people want is a schoolkid version of the existing search engines that will assist the kids in their homework right out of the box?

Comment Re:Monopoly or not. (Score 0) 439

Apple is not a software business, it's a hardware business (10% of their revenue is software and that includes all their high-end software packages and OS).

Then they should choose between software business or hardware business. Choosing both means monopoly (or should I say anti-competitive in this case?). We could say the same thing to M$ too if they build specific hardware for their Windows.

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