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Comment Re:and this is a good thing? (Score 1) 257

If the players weren't huddling all the time, the play clock could be reduced by a significant number of seconds... making the game much faster paced. The players wouldn't be able to keep up with the pace like this so the dynamics of the game plays would change. Also, fans would lose the beer-drinking, pissing, and eating time that is available between plays.

Comment Tunneling below the ice (Score 1) 156

I was just watching reruns of the old History channel "The Universe" shows not long ago. The ice on Europa is apparently *very* thick (I think the show said 100 feet at least). So, let's say NASA's rover lands on Europa and melts its way through the ice to search the water there - when it takes nice hi-rez photos of critters licking the camera, how will it send it back to earth? I can see the transmissions going through "space" OK (little interference) but wouldn't 100 feet of ice put a bit of a damper on the signal?

Comment Re:Fuck you. (Score 1) 233

PC gaming is limited because it's so damn open you cant assume anything and have to build for the broadest possible configurations.

Perspective is everything, I guess. I see open configs as the future of computing, and "walled gardens" as nothing more than companies' business models to sell their overpriced products. Of course this is a generalization, and I really would like to go into a DRM discussion at this point... but taht's not necessary.

Comment Re:Activating it per state (Score 1) 233

I have heard legend of my company's old IT manager. He walked in one day and asked, "Ed, how many servers do we have?" Ed thought a moment, counted the physical servers in addition to the virtual servers, tried to come up with a number and ballparked, "Twenty or so." the manager replied, "That's too many."

the hilarious part is that the manager had no idea what a "server" was. I mean, literally no idea. The parent post reminded me of that story.

Comment Re:Fuck you. (Score 1) 233

The Dreamcast was a failure, by most reviews. I find it funny you're idolizing this failed console, while stating current PC gaming sucks. Oh... and speaking of evil... I would have to say Sony is more evil than Microsoft because at least Microsoft never revoked a system function (Other OS) or install rootkits without notice (thank god for Mark Russinovich).

Comment Re:Why is spam evil? (Score 1) 131

The poor suckers who have their email server compromised will inevitably be blacklisted by their ISPs. This will effectively prevent any mail from successfully being sent out to recipients. This means that the legitimate email server will no longer be able to send any mail, or any mail of their customers' behalf until the victimized server can be cleaned of malware on their server, and the owner can convince their ISP and anyone else who has cut them off to trust them again enough to accept email from them. It's not good for business when your email cuts out. Lots of money can be lost.

Spammers are assholes getting free advertising at the expense of legitimate businesses and home users. They steal, dupe, and shit on everyone they come in contact with. They obtain their revenue through unscrupulous means. What is hard to understand about the criminal activity here?

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