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Comment While this may well be a joke... (Score 4, Informative) 170 reality there are 3rd party smiley add-ons that work with IM software. You can recognize them by the "Your buddy sent you a smiley, to see it you need to install X software" type of IMs.

That software is not exactly good for your computer either.

For example:

And its EULA

Choice quotes from EULA

UNIFIED REGISTRATION: As a service to our users, we may consolidate registration data for Webfetti, My Fun Cards, Kazulah, Smiley Central and certain other specified websites, services or applications accessible via the Toolbar, so that users are only required to provide registration information once, and would then be able to use the same unique ID and password to access all such websites, services or applications.

Passwords. In order to access certain services, you may be required to accept additional terms and conditions and/or establish an account including an unique ID and password

After reading that EULA, which references a bunch of other EULAs... that's enough to send my head spinning.

Comment StarTrek dealt with this once (Score 1) 374

Brief summary -

Voyager gets stuck in the night sky of a planet and creates seismic disturbances.

The planet rapidly develops technology to blast it out of the sky.

Missiles are necessary to shoot high speed targets. A stationary target can be eliminated far less expensively. :)

Comment Re:Scarce wifi? Not really. (Score 1) 175

Well, I listen to premium stream on my Windows Mobile phone while driving. It's as simple as going to and selecting mp3, wma, or aac. If you are a premium subscriber, you can login and get your premium options. The thing plays using Windows Media player.

I would expect syncing up a PLS file from Shoutcast would enable similar functionality on the Apple platform.

I can also listen to SiriusXM on my phone. :)

Comment Re:NOT "Reverse Engineering" (Score 1) 298

Given fragment 0.5"x1"x2" figure out the curvature of a portion of a payload of unknown shape and size.

If that's not reverse engineering - recreating the initial object from a tiny fragment, I don't know what is. :)

Given a large quantity of misleading, inaccurate, and downright incorrect data figure out the reasons for anomalies. Sounds like reverse engineering to me.

I've read the entire article, have you?

Comment Re:XP Home vs. XP Pro (Score 1) 640

I will be the second person to affirm that your assessment is incorrect.

The files are identical, but packaging is different. Some files are simply not included, while other features are disabled in Registry.

TabletPC and MCE are both based on XP Pro. The stated reason for disabling domain functionality in MCE, which by the way is still there and legal to use if you know how to enable it and I've done that for my clients, was to support Extenders.

Install a pure (the version systembuilders buy from distributors) OEM build of XP Home and a the same pure OEM build of XP Pro, and then compare. There will be no difference in stability.

Comment Re:This makes me dream... (Score 1) 570

A *lot* less.

My plan is $83.97 usd/mo with all fees and taxes.

It includes 3000 daytime minutes, unlimited Internet on handset, unlimited hotspot access, and unlimited SMS. It does not include long distance and unlimited nights and weekends airtime as I don't need them (I get 3000 minutes for the price of a 1000-minute "national" plan).

Nowadays, $99/mo is effectively unlimited everything, but fees and taxes add up to more.

I do use thousands of minutes, hence this plan is appropriate for me. Without Internet/SMS it would be $30 less. If I were to use every minute in my plan, it would effectively cost me $0.016/minute.

  At-A-Glance :
Get More 3000 plan $49.99
Unlimited Domestic Text and/or Instant Messaging $9.99
T-Mobile Total Internet Add-on $19.99
Total Due Monthly*

If I used less airtime, I'd use an even less expensive plan. Carriers have relatively unadvertised "regional" plans that, in my case, cover calls within California and Nevada.

In my experience, most people to whom I talk are on a wrong plan and are paying more than they could be. It can be complicated to accurately estimate the use. I routinely review my customers' bills and reconfigure their plans to save money.

In fact, I could probably drop the TXT portion of my plan and save some money, but I like to have a set not-to-exceed budget item referring to my cell phone bill.

Comment Re:I would not mind renting the box ... (Score 1) 200

How about not outputting Dolby 5.1 through the HDMI?

Those silly Motorola DVRs...

I can't begin to count how many hours people waste trying to get that to work before they have to call someone like me and I tell them "Oh, you'd expect them to send proper audio signal, but they don't. We need to send audio through Toslink and reconfigure your receiver to take that as the preferred audio signal".

Comment Re:It's really Psion's trademark (Score 1) 234

And then there's the universally valid business model of being a trademark holder and licensing the use of mark... for...

P R O F I T!

Psion is doing everything right in defending their trademark and shouldn't be called a troll. I call these things subnotebooks. Sony calls them PictureBook (tm) by the way. I haven't even heard the term Netbook until a month or so ago.

Comment Why Macbooks and who really cares? (Score 1) 1117

It's one way for geeks to get cozier with girls...

1. Burn a livecd with Firefox and OpenOffice
2. Laugh at administration attempts at censorship
3. Offer to do it for her...
4. ...over dinner

Any attempts to censor hardware that is capable of booting alternatives will fail. You are on Slashdot, so I expect you to know this.

That being said, Macbooks are expensive. The end goal is probably a computer capable of being an Internet gateway and of running an office suite. This can be done for much less. LTSP could be used to provide students with a consistent desktop for school work.

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