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Comment Re:BASIC (Score 0) 709

While "right tool for the job" is a nice sentiment, it is actually one of the easiest things to say for those that know close to nothing and actually have very little knowledge of the available tools. That you would go on about Lisp, and state that it is a functional language and yet NOT a procedural/imperative language pretty much demonstrates you don't know shit about it. Few Lisp dialects are purely functional... and this is exactly why there was actually quite a bit of real world programming done in Lisp (no matter how uncommon in the grand scheme of things).

Comment Re:No surprise (Score 1) 342

Your post is an exquisite cornucopia of fail. "ARM can play..." but "ARM can't". Thinking an iPad is a representative example of all ARM chips or thinking it is representative of anything more than a toolbag's status symbol. Newsflash, numerous ARM SoCs (including those used in mainstream Android phones) include hardware video decoding for MPEG-2 and MPEG-4, and many of these ARM based chips can easily decode MPEG-2 in software and can DMA that to the display.

I would actually be surprised if the iPad couldn't easily decode MPEG-4, because I thought they designed a custom ARM SoC for that thing. But then again, I always assumed it was a piece of shit anyway.

Comment Re:bitcoin (Score 1) 441

O'course, calibrating the exchange rate between bitcoin.v.1 and bitcoin.v.2 would be a fun exercise in applied economic theory...

Or, alternatively, the bitcoins are technically divisible by several places more than is currently supported. Updating the clients for one more decimal place gives you more options.

So much for decentralizing the money-supply, though.

I mean, I just enjoy the rhetoric of "central banks are evil and abusive" (which is true to certain extents), and the solution proposed either a) makes things worse b) replaces that problems with a set of new problems, some of which are worse than the original problems. Yea.

Comment Re:bitcoin (Score 1) 441

Assuming this ever gained momentum: Lovely, so they think they can impose an absolute cap from the outright on Bitcoin currency and not be affected like everyone else by deflation. The ability to increase money supply has proven to be quite necessary (not even bringing in QE2 or the recent BS).. of course if you are convinced that the US is in hyperinflation right now because of some toolbags on Youtube I guess this is an argument not worth having..

And LOL I guess there is an article on their wiki about this very issue.


Comment Re:he's right (Score 1) 680

As the other poster commented: "flawed"? Yeah, I'm going to gather that this is some silly reference to the fact that the quadratic formula as conventionally written is not ideal from a numerical stability and roundoff standpoint when implemented on a finite precision computer. Yeah, man, so you're basically trying to sound cool on slashdot by veiling a superficial knowledge of a piece of numerical computation trivia in some meaningless (in this context) "photon flux" bullshit. +9000 Internets for you.

Trying to equate a reality of finite numerical computation to the accuracy of a general formula doesn't go very far in proving any point about an understanding of math.


ITC Investigates Xbox 360 After Motorola Complaint 71

FlorianMueller writes "The US International Trade Commission, which is increasingly popular as a patent enforcement agency, voted to investigate a complaint filed by Motorola against Microsoft last month. Motorola claims that the Xbox infringes five of its patents. In October, Microsoft complained against Motorola, alleging patent infringement by its Android-based smartphones. Apple, Nokia and HTC are also involved with ITC investigations as complainants and respondents. A new one-page overview document shows the ongoing ITC investigations related to smartphones and the products that the complainants would like to have banned from entry into the US market. The good news is that any import bans won't be ordered until long after Christmas. The ITC is faster than courts, but not that fast."

Comment Re:Do they still use geostationary satellites? (Score 1) 337

You're joking, right?

A "beam" in this case is formed by doing signal processing tricks and sending out this signal to a special antenna array (but what is essentially a single physical antenna system). Many such beams can be formed electronically and combined electronically and sent out to this single antenna array.

Each new "beam" doesn't require additional hardware as you seem to be thinking.

Comment Re:By use is fine if the prices are sane (Score 1) 414

Um... You didn't bother to read the last paragraph of my post.. I thought about deleting because it may have been too condescending.. But apparently it wasn't in this case.

And the ironic part of Tannenbaum's observation is that sneakernet actually *is* at times more efficient than using some low-latency telecom network. Not that anything is wrong.. that is the whole point. He wasn't lying. Try it and see. Even Internet2 can't compete with my van filled with Western Digital hard-drives. It really boils down to an observation on the bandwidth/latency trade-off.

So at this point I've completely lost the point you had. But it's too late for me to care.

Comment Re:By use is fine if the prices are sane (Score 1) 414

You're honestly comparing cheap pieces of plastic used as a storage medium and sold at retail with a telecommunications network and infrastructure??? Really? You think everyone here is that retarded?

I mean, sure all info is measured in bits, so telecom is measured in bits and so are DVDs. But gasoline is measured in gallons, and water is measured in gallons... That's about the level your example is working at, IMNSHO.

There's a reason that the irony of "sneakernet" is funny... You seem to have missed it. Why don't you just stick to disk media if that seems to solve all your problems, and is cheaper.

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