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Comment Re:Profit! (Score 1) 205

It doesn't really affect anything other than land line use. Calling another area code usually results in higher "long distance" charges. Currently there is no long distance charges for cell phones. As an example, say you move from one corner of the country to the other. You keep your mobile phone number so it still has the area code from where your family and friends are. They can call you on the land line all they want and they won't incur long distance charges even though you are 2000 miles away. On the other hand, when your new friends there try to call you from the land line, they will have to pay long distance. No problem if they call on a mobile.

Comment Re:Wait a minute (Score 1) 164

The problem is you have it backwards. If a procedure costs $50 to do, they want to charge the uninsured person $75 and insurance company X $400. But the insurance company cartels have successfully lobbied to make different pricing illegal. So now, everyone pays $400.

My experience is mostly in pharmacy, and in that business, your example is sorta true. Using your price example, a drug costs a pharmacy $50. The pharmacy wants to charge the uninsured person $75. If you are on welfare, the pharmacy only gets $15. So in an attempt to make some sort of profit despite the massive losses from all the people on welfare, the pharmacy charges insurance companies $400.

Again, the insurance cartels have made different pricing illegal at the federal level. So, for that same $50 medication, the pharmacy has to charge the uninsured person $400, and the insurance companies $400, and they only get $15 from welfare.

Here is where the corruption comes in. That same $50 medication only costs $5 to manufacture. In order for the $50 medication to be placed on Insurance Company X's formulary, the company making the medication has to give them rebates. After the rebates, how much of the $400 is Insurance Company X really out? $15. But wait, isn't that your copay? Funny how that works out.

Comment Re:Saw this and other stories today (Score 1) 680

It's just wrong on so many levels and it is also a somewhat unfair means of doing so as it often unfairly targets specific demographics while at the same time providing a means for "certain individuals" to get released from their burdens if they have the right connections or position in society.

And this is different from taxes how?

Comment Re:32MPG - old rating or new? (Score 1) 520

So a vehicle that scored 32MPG in the 1970s might only be able to score 20-25 MPG on the new EPA tests.

Also that same 32MPG car from the 1970s is probably only making 70 - 80 horsepower. Today, it would be making 120 - 150 horsepower. Or, if Ford's commercial for the new 6 cylinder mustang is to be believed, 300 horsepower.

Comment Re:Delayed Sleep Phase Syndrome is the right word (Score 1) 234

When left to my own devices, 6am is also when my body seems to want to go to sleep. Though, because of when I need to get up for work, 3am is when I usually go to sleep. My favorite gem from the article:

"In contrast, people with DSPS are unable to fall asleep before their usual sleep time, even if they are sleep-deprived. Research has shown that sleep deprivation does not reset the circadian clock of DSPS patients, as it does with normal people."

This really struck a chord with me. I have tried this technique multiple times and each has failed magnificently. I will stay awake through Saturday and be tired enough to nap up until about 8pm which is when I seem to get a second wind and I am fairly wide awake after this point. I will attempt techniques like dull reading or watching something uninteresting on tv which will eventually put me to sleep by 11pm. Without fail I will spontaneously awake at 3am, even without sleep deprivation, and won't be capable of sleep again until 6am.

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