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Comment Re:anyone surprised? (Score 1) 478

The Iraq war goal was filled. We're still in Afghanistan. Why?

I think it has more to do with opium.

The war on terror has just been the the new name for the "war" on drugs since the Department of Homeland "Security" was created. The TSA hasn't averted any real terrorist attack and there are numerous stories of weapons getting aboard flights so they aren't even stopping that. The only thing they seem to be good for "officially" (not stealing i-devices and sexual assault) is confiscating drugs.

I'm curious as to why the government cares this much about illicit drug trade.

Comment Re:They aren't "defending rights of users" (Score 1) 214

You don't think Google is *intensely* interested in the outcome of cases regarding uploads of copyrighted materials to online sharing services, given that they own & operate sites intended for sharing, and which can - easily & trivially - be used to share copyrighted content?

In the US, all content is copyrighted. From the funny photo your mother took of you as a young child in a compromising position, to the book report you wrote in 5th grade, all the way up to the recording of you drunkenly beat boxing at the St Patty's Day party last weekend your frienemy took and shared on the Facebook. Of course all these sharing services are used to share copyrighted content. All content is copyrighted.

The problem is the RIAA and the MPAA and their similes want consumers, content creators, and governments to believe that they are the sole Lords of Copyright. That if a work is copyrighted, then by definition it belongs to them. And since it belongs to them, then only they may distribute it and it may only be distributed how they intend it to be distributed and you must pay them for the privilege. Because if you don't, they will attempt to sue you for damages many times larger than the entire planet's GDP and win.

This includes that picture your mom took of you because you were wearing Micky Mouse underwear, the book report your wrote because Jurassic Park is a major motion picture, and the drunken beat boxing video because the RIAA has every beat that could possibly be created copyrighted multiple times over.

Statements like yours proves that they are winning by a large margin and it is very frustrating.

Google, hotfile, etc's interests are only in wanting to be another competitor in the distribution of content and they are doing it and no cost for the content creators. The RIAA and MPAA cannot compete with free. If they can win against a little guy like hotfile or get the United States government to close down Megaupload (didn't they have a commercial where content creator's were singing how they enjoyed using it?) then they can get rid of Google or more likely convince them that giving them an insanely large cut of their revenue like they get on blank CD/DVDs.

Comment Re:No rights in private forums (Score 1) 201

Actually, it is hightly unlikely that you are gonna be agressed when you carry the gun. Emphasis added

Which is the whole point in why one would want to carry a gun.

The likely thing is that your son might find it and kill himself with it or you gonna hurt yourself.

Lets rewrite this sentence a few times replacing the word "it" with a few other names for tools.
The likely thing is that your son might find the car and kill himself with the car or you gonna hurt yourself.
The likely thing is that your son might find the table saw and kill himself with the table saw or you gonna hurt yourself.
The likely thing is that your son might find the electrical outlet and kill himself with the electrical outlet or you gonna hurt yourself.
The likely thing is that your son might find the knife and kill himself with the knife or you gonna hurt yourself.
The likely thing is that your son might find the Taliban and kill himself with the Taliban or you gonna hurt yourself
The likely thing is that your son might find methamphetamine and kill himself with methamphetamine or you gonna hurt yourself.

Hopefully you don't go over that list and think all those tools need to be made illegal. Most of them are very useful. Some of them only slightly useful. Some have served their purpose, but you can't outlaw an ideology no matter how much of a tool it is. Others my say something like guns aren't tools or guns are completely different from all those items on that list. You know what, guns are completely different from the items in that list, except perhaps knives. The constitution explicitly says the federal government cannot encroach on our right to bear them.

Teach the kid how to use the gun. Take him to the range as often as possible. Teach him how to clean it, how to use it safely and appropriately. Try not to make it a big deal, and it will be a non issue.

Comment Re:Why Prescription? (Score 1) 394

At least in the States, the FDA makes the decision on if a medication is Rx only or OTC. Plus with the beauty of patents, when the inhalers went from CFC to HFA, that was enough to get a new patent. Albuterol inhalers went from being a cheap generic med back to expensive brand only. Yay, patents!

Comment Re:Either way, its the end of T-Mobile (Score 1) 325

T-Mobile is way better than Verizon in my area of western Washington State. I will also say most of the T-Mobile customers I know have been dreading the AT&T buy out, and unfortunately Sprint seems to be the only candidate. All the upper middle class non-technical folks we know have iPhones on AT&T and they love the phone, hate the service. They were all very jealous of my unlocked N97 on t-mobile, and the N97 is a pretty shoddily built Symbian phone. Other folks who went Verizon hate the service and rarely have reception at home.

The bait and switch the major carries pulled hurt t-mobile in the beginning and the stupid contracts kept people from moving to a carrier with better service. Then when the announcement that AT&T was going to buy t-mobile which was when a lot of the contracts were running out from when the smartphone fad really took off kept people from switching. The way the American cellular phone industry works is what is killing T-Mobile.

Comment Re:Why the sex offenders registration? (Score 1) 584

I am seeing a lot of people wanting to hang this guy as a sex offender because he may have kissed this boy on the lips, and I just don't agree. Have you kissed your own child on the lips? If you have, would you then be a sex offender? No one said anything about the man giving the boy either a passionate kiss or that there was tongue involved, to which I too would cry "pedophile!" A peck on the lips may not have been appropriate for a stranger to do in today's society, but I don't believe this action should be punished with sex offender status any more than being a "close talker," or one of those people who give out hugs at every occasion. Though, sadly, they get sexual harassment charges brought against them all the time.

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