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Comment Re:Unfair advantage (Score 4, Funny) 250

High-frequency trading supports a very important function of providing liquidity that allows the free flowing of, um, high-frequency trading and uh, high-risk prop-desk front running, and hmmm, other important and productive economic activities that benefit everyone and not just the rich elite. Seriously, stop asking questions about it.

Comment Re:The internet is the only thread... (Score 1) 461

This is very insightful. An important part of getting public support for a war is convincing people that the "enemy" is very different from them, somehow less than human, and maybe even evil. When most citizens see that the people being killed really are people too with the same hopes, dreams, and ambitions as them with all the same things to lose, they don't see it as war anymore, they see it as murder.

Comment Re:Doom3 to dark? (Score 1) 266

It was too dark to play in a well lit area, but the perfect game for playing with the lights out and surround sound. Too niche of an audience to experience the game that way I suppose.

Like, in a darkened, maybe unfinished, parents basement with eerie acoustic properties? I'd say they have they're audience nailed.

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