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Comment Re:Not Exactly for Taking a Photo (Score 5, Informative) 1232

In some states, an adult is legally required to provide ID to any cop who asks - it's actually illegal to walk down the street without a driver's license (or non-driver's ID). We seem to have little regard for the Constitution.

You would be incorrect.

Comment Re:I run Debian, and I run FreeBSD. (Score 1) 425

There is for example an unresolved bug in ubuntu 8.10 which has bit me severly. It relates to total failure of sleep/hibernate and all that wonderful functionality on pci-e boxes.

Are you saying that all my laptops with pci-e video chipsets should be failing to suspend? Suspend and hibernate have worked fine on all my laptops for many years with Ubuntu, 8.10 or otherwise.

And no I won't provide the link to the bug, find it yourself on launchpad [] (I believe that is the correct access point)

It might be worth looking for the bug if you are more specific about the problem since there certainly isn't a suspend problem with every pci-e equipped machine.

And while uptimes are great, I often need to shut my box down so as to avoid cooking the occupants of my small apartment because it gets so bloody hot in here (26-27+`Celcius) in the middle of a Canadian winter with the heating set at 22.

The only thing that I dislike after resuming from a suspend is waiting for the damned wifi to connect. Resume takes 2-3 seconds or less. Reconnecting sometimes seems to take forever, especially in busy apartment complexes with 20+ aps in range.

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