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Comment Money ignorance (Score 0) 768

BitCoin is a medium of exchange like any other money before it, from feathers to paper backed by military force (US dollar). The fact that fiat currencies can be printed willy-nilly without the discipline of anything to back it with (ie gold / silver) is the direct cause of all the evil in the world today. The Cabal in charge of the printing press manipulates the entire physical paradigm of existence and eventually destroys it. "Permit me to issue and control the money of the nation and I care not who makes its laws. — Mayer Amsched Rothchild", 1800's. I hear idiots talking about Ponzi schemes, bubbles etc, and don't have a clue about the fundamentals of money. it's a MEDIUM OF EXCHANGE. Like any other medium of exchange, criminals can build ponzi schemes ontop, markets can get excited about it and create bubbles, like anything else. Money is a store of value, period. The difference here is that the value of it, vis-a-vis how much stuff you can but with a unit of it, is determined by far more parties than has ever been possible. This is the proper market democratisation of trust in the unit. The US dollar currently is run by a tiny private Cabal inbreds. For the love of Christ, learn about and understand money in history first, the role of Gold and Silver for 5000 years, the attempts by Government to eradicate Gold & Silver so they can print money and fund wars etc etc, then comment.

Comment Re:dialup and wifi cantennas (Score 1) 323

The Illuminists risk sparking a communications revolution post-internet by taking draconian measures like this.

Massively Distributed WIFI is where this is going, and we need to accelerate thinking in this direction. It cannot be intended for mainstay use, but as a mitigation to tyranny.

Another option is blue-tooth (100M Class A) distributed database core (eg CouchDB) with lightweight web server and subscription / security layer. People would be able to 'swarm' to update their subscriptions, and identify where physically the latest updates are, and become human routers.

Scientists Find Tears Are the Anti-Viagra 207

An anonymous reader writes "The male test subjects didn't know what they were smelling, they were just given little vials of clear liquid and told to sniff. But when those vials contained a woman's tears (collected while she watched a sad movie), the men rated pictures of women's faces as less sexually attractive, and their saliva contained less testosterone. Is this proof that humans make and respond to pheromones? The researcher behind the study doesn't use that controversial word, but he says his findings do prove that tears contain meaningful chemical messages."

Comment those pesky commies (Score 0) 118

the manifesto for this propaganda must have been something like this:

DDoS = First Amendment threat

Wikileaks + Anonymous = DDoS

Outcome: Public support for locking up Wikileaks & Anonymous in proxy jurisdiction until it blows over / they die of old age / die of brain atrophy or yeast infections.

Comment Re:As a US Citizen, (Score 1) 586

In my view they key to the Wikileaks strategy is to seduce the authorities into publically betraying the principles they porport to stand for, most principally, the rule of law. Here in Aus, this has never been so blatant, our puppet Prime Minister DECLARING Assange's actions "illegal". Due process anyone? Cursory study shows that the Constitution was effectively torn up with little political colateral at the advent of The Patriot Act, a huge shift shoved down the throat of Congress 2 weeks after 9/11, with 30 minutes to read 500 pages. Conspiracy anyone? Democracy only existed for a blip in the US and now we return to feudalism. The power of the internet as the people's platform to have it's interests matter was a miscalculation by the Globalists in their 300 year old agenda for a feudal One World System. This is opportunity to thwart eternal slavery must be taken.

Submission + - Web 3.0 - The Distributed Internet 1

wasabu writes: The amazing drama of Wikileaks has highlighted the vulnerabilities of the internet — a system of communication that has given us a taste of true freedom. Is it time now that we build a torrent-based browser with distributed http services, and thwart the movement to shut the people up?

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