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Comment Re:A Mature Local Machine Product vs Immature Clou (Score 3, Interesting) 346

[...] basically the entire enterprise world.

Most corporate documents are transient: they are critical for a very short time, until a high-level decision is made, and then they're basically landfill. Contracts, sure, you might want to go back and look at them, but pretty much everything else is ephemeral. They use change tracking and comments, but hardly ever stylesheets.

Documentation, particularly professionally-written documentation, on the other hand, needs named styles, and this is where OO, LO, and GD fall flat on their faces. Word lets you set a style margin, where each paragraph-level object's style name can be seen at a glance. In other systems you have to hover or click or something on each object in turn. Editing or writing in this mode is a snap compared to OO, LO, and GD. Named styles are the only way that you can reliably get a reusable XML document out of a wordprocessor (ie not OOXML), and without proper facilities in the interface to manage styles, a wordprocessor is a dead duck.

Submission + - Ask Slashdot: How much average bandwidth consumed by ad banners? (

An anonymous reader writes: I've been attempting to do research on how much bandwidth ad banners use up, on average, on websites around the internet. I have found 1 evidence so far (see below). However, I require more.

"The paper (lead author Abhinav Pathak at Purdue,, to be presented at the EuroSys 2012 conference in April, finds that most of the energy used by free apps is spent handling third-party advertising modules. In addition, code bugs can also be energy-wasters, doing things like leaving idle comms channels open (source = )"

Can anyone shed anymore light on the subject of how much data, cpu cycles, and room for the introduction of malware that ad banners introduce to users dismay online? Thank you.


Submission + - You're Being DDOSed - What Do You Do? Name And Shame? ( writes: "When you're hit with a DDOS, what do you do? In his most recent column, Peter Hansteen narrates a recent incident that involved a DNS based DDOS against his infrastructure and that of some old friends of his. He ends up asking, should we actively publish or 'name and shame' DDOS participants (or at least their IP addresses)? How about scans that may or may not be preparations for DDOSes to come?"

Submission + - Real-time Australian Bushfire Map (

Jeremy Lee writes: "It's Bushfire season in Australia, and that's not the best of seasons. So I figured I should integrate all known public real-time data from the rural fire agencies and MODIS satellites (which whiz overhead and detect thermal hotspots) and put it all on one map. I'm pretty sure it's the most comprehensive resource of it's type. My beta testers have given the thumbs up, so lets see how how it handles the slashdot effect, shall we? Think of it as a Christmas present made of information, from someone who knows what's coming."

Submission + - Chocolate celebration for the new Mayan calendar-cycle (

frisket writes: "As the new Mayan baktun starts, amid all the bogus apocalypse rumours, surely we need to celebrate this event with the Maya, as it won't re-occur any time soon. As chocolate was so important in their culture and religion, how's about we all bring some chocolate to our co-workers, friends, neighbours, relations, etc? Or do Slashdotters have even better ways to celebrate?"

Comment Re:Latin (Score 1) 514

Latin itself doesn't enhance logical thinking abilities. It's the highly-structured way it was taught and presented.

But yes, if you wanted to learn a language not for the purposes of travel or getting a job or communicating with co-workers or getting further with that cutie you were chatting to last night, then Latin would do fine. At least the process would teach you more about language structure, which is a useful thing in itself; and it's undeniably useful if you then go on to learn other languages.

Otherwise, Spanish or an Asian language; or French or German or Italian.

Klingon or Elvish, anyone?

Comment Re:Why do we need a desktop client? (Score 1) 464

I really haven't used a desktop client for email in years. Where's the gain for the user?

So you don't have to use the goddamn awful sucky webmail interfaces.

What I'd really like to see is improvement in the webmail interfaces available to us. Gmail is fast, but I find the interface limiting and clunky.

What I said.

Comment Re:Working to cover for the USA (Score 2) 340

This is a cliche Europeans like to fool themselves with, and it may be true in grocery stores and restaurants, where Americans like the place to be clean, and like to receive actual service, so more people tend to be employed. This is made possible by the low taxes, which make it affordable to hire people for menial jobs.

Most supermarkets I use in continental Europe are perfectly clean and well-serviced, but you're right about the taxes. I see supermarkets open late at night in the USA with no customers, and yet it's obviously worth someone's while to keep them open for a handful of people because the staff are barely paid anything at all.

That's why there's garbage and poop in the streets everywhere, and you have to pack your own groceries.

I hate having some incompetent dickhead pack my groceries for me, so I always avoid places that offer to do this. They always do it wrong and end up squasing or breaking stuff. I wish American supermarkets would leave my groceries the fuck alone.

In China, they'll build a 15 storey building in two days. A main road that's broken up, disrupting traffic for for months on end with very little visible progress each morning is something I've never seen outside of Europe.

That much is very true, although the Boston Big Dig did linger for a while. And I wouldn't want to guesstimate how long the 15-storey building will last if it's built in two days.

Comment Structured editing (Score 1) 196

There have been many attempts to tackle this problem (not just with wiki markup) and most of them have foundered when the requirements of the document type went beyond the facilities that could conveniently be represented in a synchronous typographic interface (I have been gathering these for my thesis on structured editing). Let's hope this implementation is more successful, given that the wiki markup is relatively simple.

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