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Comment Re:Sure, to lower paying jobs (Score 1) 674

The average quality and length of life continues to increase rapidly. It's just shifting to China, a, curiously, economically freer zone.

Rhetoric decries it, e'en as actual measurements show it an incalculable boon to the common man you all claim to love.

I am prepared for a downmod by meme defense activation units, in support of their virtual plague organism (a data set whose existence is a disease, i.e. a chronic condition that has a measurable degradation on this average quality and length of life it porports, fraudulently, to be in defense of.)

Comment Re:BBC's most effective copyright strategy in effe (Score 1) 216

It was more like televising a play, so they wanted to have repeat performances they could get paid for.

So, unions, pro:
- Reduced hours
- Increased pay
- Longer vacations
- Safer conditions
- Earlier retirement

- Lost a bunch of Doctor Whos due to greed


Comment Re:Dear Leftwing People (Score 1) 201

The general corrolation between economic freedom, a central subset of general libertarian (small L) concepts, and advancing plentitude is well-established.

The best an honest leftist can claim is riding on this untamed and unparalleled wealth and advancement engine to take off the rough edges.

However, the traditional leftist tenet, that government should be in charge of everything throuch central planning has, by the exact same human history, been found massively lagging comparatively, at best (old China, USSR), and murderously retrograde at worst (North Korea).

No national politician in the US even goes near that anymore, for fear of, correctly, being thought a fool. They sing the praises of freedom, including economic freedom, which new China is proving yet again.

Comment Re:and there goes the neighborhood (Score 1) 307

I remember when MS started protecting system files, denying permission for you to delete them. Viruses found ways to put that to work for them, increasing their rooting ability rather than decreasing it. You could even track down its files and the OS would forbid you from deleting it. Or killing its process.

Comment Re:As someone who is generally an environmentalist (Score 1) 274

Nah, don't worry about it. Concern for species is irrelevant. Before you are dead we will have resurrected recently dead species like dodo and mammoths and teeny horses. We will be able to resurrect frozen neanderthals if we have some.

And before your kids are dead, we will have complete life DNA simulation built into computers.

All worries are silly in a historical context.

Comment Re:Obligatory XKCD (Score 5, Funny) 120

Doc: Bye, Marty! Yaaa hoooo! It worked! It worked! I sent him out of the solar system!

Marty McVoyager in a different shirt runs up behind him: Doc! I'm back.

Doc: Guuuuuuuuuhhhhhh!!!!!

Marty: I'm back. I'm back from interstellar space!

Doc: Great Scott! It must be the interstellar flux transit event capacitor!

Comment Re:ya, the IRS site is up and running (Score 1) 565

Rest assured, America! The multiple multi-billion-dollar data centers are still running, gathering all your facebook and phone calls, and the new ones under construction are still pouring cement today.

Nothing to worry about. Focus attention on Boy Scouts not being able to climb the Statue of Liberty and other deliberately-placed irritant memes those in power expect you to outrage over, like the good little programmable cogs you are.

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