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Comment Re:That would cure me... (Score 0) 278

Which is worse video game addiction or internet addiction. I guess video game addicts have more fun downing mountain dew, while zapping your neigbor, all the while surrounded by wireless lan access , PS3, and nintendo wii controllers. I guess video game addicts have more fun than internet addicts. Personally I think I am an internet dating / porn addict

Comment Mainframe computers (Score 0) 1

I like the reliablitity of mainframe computers. I learned cobol while in highschool , and was able to use it once I graduate from college. You have to remember this is over 40 years of IBM's top scientist who designed it. I dont know how it was with the punch cards, but the system I used was reliable. For instance you didnt have to constantly reboot due to screen-freeze ups.

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