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Comment Re:The importtant things (Score 1) 272

The shuttle can get to orbit with just two of the liquid fueled engines, but was designed to return with just one. Turns out, you can deorbit a shuttle with just the maneuvering jets.

Depends on when the failure occurs- there was an 'abort to orbit' where they lost an engine fairly late in the launch, and they continued to an acceptable, but not planned orbit. Losing an engine and still getting to the hard to hit space station is impressive. Most of the shuttles abort modes when losing an engine involved dropping the solids (and/or tank) and landing somewhere.

Comment Re:Cue the young earth creationists (Score 1) 267

let there be light - big bang
separated light from darkness - photon decoupling
create firmament of heaven and separate firmament of earth and divide the waters of heaven and earth - planetary disc creation and planet formation

Exactly this- of course I have yet to convince any bible thumpers in my family that the bible's narrative fits the scientific explanation- they're all too busy arguing for things that are demonstrably false :/

Science can't disprove the bible (unless we invent a time machine), the bible certainly can't disprove science, and they rarely touch on the same subjects. Why can't we all just get along?? (oh right, the hate...)

Comment Re:Before the Apple/Android flamewar starts... (Score 4, Informative) 404

Windows 95 and NT blew OS X out of the water

Just to be clear (and given the rest of the post, I'm sure you already know), it wasn't OSX, it was 'Classic MacOS' for lack of a better term. The original MacOS that was probably still stuck on version 7 at that point. As you pointed out OSX was the re-purposed OS from NeXT and only had a resemblance to classic macos after much work to the Finder, and shoehorning old APIs into it.

I'll just throw in there- people forget how important Gil Amelio was to Apple. He recognized that classic macos was a dead end product, and that the rewrite was a disaster. His response was the best thing that ever happened to apple: He bought NeXT, and got Steve Jobs (who took over and fired Gil shortly after), and what became OSX. If Gil hadn't given up on classic macos, Apple wouldn't be here today.

Comment Re:Is this a genuine case? (Score 1) 225

But while you could open "/Volumes/My Big External Disk/Movies/movie.avi" via a file dialog to play it back, the software could not automatically also open "/Volumes/My Big External Disk/Movies/" to show you subtitles.

So you have the user select the directory '/Volumes/My Big External Disk/Movies', as a movie repository. The app then has full access to everything underneath it.

It is an extra step for the user- they have to choose all of their movie directories (top level only). Hell you may even get away with / (I haven't tried).

Comment Re:would i rather (Score 3, Interesting) 647

Small stores that are worth it do survive, the sad problem is: most aren't. Hardware stores as an example. 10 years ago the local hardware store had all sorts of crazy hardware and small tools in stock, and people who could help you find it. Now we have a Lowes, I've grown to despise them, and the local hardware store seems to be doing just fine. Although for me, too many wasted trips with neither having what I need: I plan ahead when possible and order everything online (generally from amazon). Its not about the price, its about the wasted time, and compromising for the item they happen to carry, not the item I want. Will the Lowes and local guy suffer? Maybe, but they're not really competing for whatever reason. Want to compete against Amazon on choice and availability? Do what auto parts stores can do- look up and order just about anything, with most things just a couple hours away via courier. Anyway- I'm not crying for anyone in this game, the internet has brought more of everything, and best of all I don't have to depend on Amazon- they're the top of the heap today, but they falter and someone else can knock them out.

Comment Re:So in normal development (Score 2) 125

Under OSX it installs an update deamon without asking. Its separate from Chrome and stays there until you explicitly look for it and remove or disable it. Deleting Chrome has no affect, the update daemon just continues to run sending who knows what back to google every hour.

Want to update for me? Fine, do it in the app, don't start up processes I don't know about that will run forever even if I decide to ditch Chrome.

Finding that was my last experience with Chrome.

Comment Re:Thank goodness! (Score 3, Insightful) 178

Yeah- Kings are so much better! So efficient!

Heres the thing about government: I _want_ them to be inefficient, there is very little good that comes from government directly. They're the lube that allows society to exist and function. It _should_ take a lot of time and effort for them to implement sweeping, possibly destructive changes upon the people it governs.

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