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Comment Re:This is a good thing (Score 1) 712

Maybe you should ask people what they think of Windows some time rather than assuming that it sells well because it's good. It sells well because it's always sold well and it's a pain to switch away from given that the options are much more expensive (Windows laptops start at 250GBP here, Macbook Airs start at 999GBP) or havereduced compatibility (Linux, despite what the delusional people on here will have you believe, doesn't run a great deal of the software and hardware that ordinary people want to use). No-one uses Windows because they like, they use it because it runs the stuff they want it to run.

Comment Re:It wasn't time (Score 1) 663

You're brave. Every time I dare to suggest that Ubuntu might not be the greatest desktop OS ever using my own experiences with it as examples I get called a Microsoft shill and worse. I'm so much of an MS shill in fact that I'm typing this on a Mac in Chrome and haven't used Windows outside work for months.

Comment Re:Right... like every vendor (Score 1) 553

Why is it so difficult to understand that the reason that XP has stuck around so long is because Vista and 7 cannot run a great deal of software and hardware that businesses use and depend on? That's all. No conditioning of the under 30s not to upgrade but a simple business decision to carry on using stuff that already works. Why do you think Microsoft included XP Mode in 7?

Comment Re:BBC Forward! (Score 4, Insightful) 214

The press (who have no vested interest in bringing down the BBC oh no) have been putting the boot in for years so it must be true! The Commie BBC with their homo pinko agenda must be destroyed and replaced with the serious journalism and honest reporting that gave us the hacking of a murdered teenager's voicemail.

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