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Comment Re:Geopolitics (Score 2) 416

Price goes up, there's no realistic alternative, people buy less of other things. That's the reality. Economics only works if there's an alternative and there isn't one. Public transport sucks and bikes and electric cars are extremely impractical. What alternative sources of energy are drivers going to switch to? Or airlines? Or anyone else who depends on fossil fuels?

Comment Re:ooook..?? (Score 1) 75

Businesses' primary role is the efficient distribution of capital. Limited liability is not required for that. Limited liability is where the state protects the business owners from any ruinous consequences of their actions. What you're saying is that they should get that huge privilege but should be allowed to behave in any way they see fit irrespective of any detrimental effects on society.

Comment Re:Obvious but baffling that it's not done yet (Score 1) 1532

You mean the bundling of bad debts together with good debts and calling them all good? The credit rating agencies all declaring these disasters as AAA? The selling on of debts so no-one had any interest in whether the person getting the loan could pay it back? This was all Clinton's fault? It wasn't the fault of the people who actually did these things?

Comment Re:Still sucks (Score 1) 127

I'm well aware of what you're saying but I see this time and again on here where someone says they have an issue and they are immediately denounced as a liar, shill or idiot. It just gets a bit tiresome.

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