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Comment Re:My solution for fixing Windows 8 (Score 1) 578

I bet a large percentage of Mac owners also have a Windows PC/Bootcamp partition/VM as well. I know I do and everyone I know with a Mac does too. Macs also have had some presence in the market since before Microsoft even had a GUI or a monopoly and therefore have been in a better position than Linux or indeed any other competitor that arrived in the 90s.

Comment Re:About "market share" (Score 1) 228

What do the thin clients run? Are you using Windows Servers if you say MS Office is still critical? In any case my point still stands. Macs are not displacing PCs in the most lucrative market, the business market. The iPads sound like a new thing since I doubt you had a PC outside every meeting room. We've looked at thin clients where I work but they were not cost effective for what we need.

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