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2010 Election Results Are In 1530

The election results are in, and there are one trillion web pages now up helping you find out what happened. The short story is that the Republicans cleaned up, although the Democrats maintain a one-seat majority in the Senate. The GOP now has 239 seats in the house, giving them a huge lead over the Dems' 183.

Comment So Much for This Theory - HAAAAHAHAHAHA (Score 0, Flamebait) 836

Welcome back, GOP! Who the hell voted for the dem morons anyway! Nice change, eh? How are your portfolios doing? Know anyone out of work? Thanks for several months of decline left-wingers. Wonder how the market will do today??? Damn right this is flame bait! Mod it, liberal nerd. HAHAHAHA!

Comment Re:Anyone who cares about free access... (Score 1, Interesting) 138

I always wonder whether people with this viewpoint are willingly blind and deaf, or if some dark force is blinding you. Do you think 9/11 (AND all the other terrorism enacted on Americans and others) is fake? Do you believe that is was the US govt? I don't understand. The suicide bombs, car bombs, etc. are on TV and all over the web for everyone to see. What don't you understand? Can anyone actually say that their freedoms have been encroached upon in a demonstrable way because of the Patriot act? My theory is this: people like you feel more intelligent by charging the govt with conspiratorial intentions. It makes you feel like you're ahead of the game, that nobody can get one over on you; yet, you will never provide proof of any of these insinuations. You need a "bad guy" to throw stones at, yet when there exists one that couldn't be more perfect to hate (radical islamists who hate us for our freedom, faith, or simply because they were brainwashed to, you still choose to point your finger at a govt that is trying to protect you from those that want to "chop your neck" because you have different beliefs and ways of life. Can anyone here provide an example of how the Patriot act has altered their way of life?

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