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Comment Anonymous VS Facebook (Score 2) 575

It is pretty clear what this is really about. Facebook is the natural enemy of Anonymity. You can not use Facebook and remain anonymous. You can not even have a friend use Facebook and remain anonymous. Anonymous finally realized who their natural enemy was and that they would be assimilated eventually if things remained as they are. Facebook is the Borg of computer identity. Personally I fear Anonymous Coward, while the Anonymous Coward group never does anything, they can be amazingly snippy.

Comment Turning it Around! (Score 1) 310

The kind of Rovian bastard that comes up with this sort of slimy plot is the most disgusting slime that a sick society can possibly produce. The SAIC is disgusting just for allowing such smarmy and clearly anti-American skum to work for them. I remember a day when analyst used to mean something. Usually a technician promoted high enough to present data a meeting, But now, I am embarrassed that Dallas Boyd holds a title that I once held. Why didn't this slime ball practice what he preaches and self censor himself. He should have chosen to protect our democracy and values, but no, he had to go and publish this damned fascist drivel. What a horridly unattractive sort of weasel. He should be stigmatized for presenting such clearly dangerous schemes!

Comment ICANN2 (Score 2) 127

This is pretty well silly. Trademark is common law, registered, international, national and just about every other sort of monkey court in existence. ICANN may be opening themselves up to some real silly nastiness. The sort of thing they will richly deserve if they go through with this.
The Courts

Submission + - Arizona Karma Ban (

Maintenance Goof writes: If Karma is outlawed, what happens to Slashdot in Arizona?

Because of the imminent threat of having the Iotola of Arizona taking over, Arizona lawmakers want to make sure that sharia law is nipped in the bud.

  In an attempt to not single out a religion, karma, canon law and halacha along with sharia law, are part of the proposed bans.



Submission + - More Friends Equals More Stress On Facebook (

An anonymous reader writes: The more Facebook friends you have, the more likely you are to feel stressed out by the social network, according to a new study by Scottish researchers and psychologists at the Edinburgh Napier University. They quizzed about 200 students on their use of the service, and concluded that for a significant number of users, the negative effects outweigh the benefits of staying in touch with friends and family.

Submission + - Number of Facebook Friends Linked to Anxiety

Hugh Pickens writes writes: WebProNews reports that according to a new survey, the more Facebook friends you have, the more likely you are to feel stressed out by the site. "The results threw up a number of paradoxes,” says Dr Kathy Charles, who led the study. “For instance, although there is great pressure to be on Facebook there is also considerable ambivalence amongst users about its benefits." Causes of stress included deleting unwanted contacts, the pressure to be entertaining, and having to use appropriate etiquette for different types of friends. "Like gambling, Facebook keeps users in a neurotic limbo, not knowing whether they should hang on in there just in case they miss out on something good.”

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