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Comment What about medium lifespans, EMP protection, etc (Score 1) 186

I hadn't heard anyone discuss the limited lifespan of optical and other eDoc mediums. They have very short/finite life spans (5-20 yrs) and have to be remastered or transferred off to another medium. Also.. would such a system be "safe" from technology attack like EMP, etc? Paper is cheap, and good for a couple hundred years.


Comment Day Late, Dollar Short (HTML5) (Score 1) 274

They're just trying to hang onto any/all install-base they can now. The iPhone (with all of it's problems (and zealots)) actually HELPED the effort of moving the world away from flash and to the W3 HTML5 standard. Thank you Apple! :) IMHO, Flash is now just another example of legacy, greed-ware.
Open Source..
        Open Standards..
              Open Life.


Comment Instead of Licensing Patents, Just Say "Please?" (Score 1) 154

and all implementations of a claim should have to bear the originator's name/credit. Just like (some) OSS software licensing works. :)

We would end up with much less "pro-active patent hording".. and artistic pride would flourish. :) Not to mention putting an end to all the dark trends of patent wars such as genetic/seed and biotech patent battles currently brewing!


Comment Vote for uncapped with your $$ & move toward Q (Score 1) 530

Short Term, BW capping is wrong. That's why when I bought an Android phone I went with an uncapped provider (Sprint).

Long term, all providers should plan their networks better and throttle all content (or enable fair QoS based traffic shaping). This isn't new technology.. nor is it anti-neutrality. It's simple good network design planning (or lack thereof).


Comment Future of Democracy? Maybe... but still lacking (Score 1) 264

Really cool and brave move (embracing Internet Democracy). But the three big challenges that need to be addressed are:
1) Address the inequality/access issue
2) Deal with user authentication + anonymity issue
3) Maintain national sovereignty

If I see those key points addressed.. Internet Democracy might be worth its weight in electrons. :)

Such a system could get rid of soooo much governmental cruft!


Comment Only Defense Against This = Open Source the world (Score 1) 101

These folks need to go open source.. for the safety of the world!
In fact.. go one step further and have all governments of the world require all public infrastructure to only be run on open source systems. This is our only hope of staying ahead of terrorists. This same type of problem (and need) has also been seen in the problems with US electronic Voting Booth. The recent RSA seed + proprietary algorythm lead has proven that closed source = security risk. Wake up politicians!


Comment Cash in King.. Do Research.. buy what you want.. (Score 1) 666

My last laptop was a high gloss.. and most of the time I didn't notice (work in the dark).. but when you're in an airport or something with lots of light.. it's terrible. This reason is why I ended up NOT getting an HP 311 for my new netbook.. and why I DID get an 11.6" Lenovo x100e:
          (in red of course)

Talk with your cash.. Some vendors have obviously started to "Get it" and kick the marketers out of the design groups.. Let's hope more vendors do the same.


Comment Re:Ubuntu on OpenStack (Score 1) 55

[repost authenticated]
Freaking awesome.. I work for Rackspace and didn't know that THIS was coming down.. ! :)
Anyone in here from the Ubuntu project involved want to comment on how it we came together on this? I know that we have a LOT of Ubuntu lovers at Rackspace. We even have our own internal mail list at Rackspace called ubuntu@rackspace.com (not external obviously). :)

My favorite distro and my favorite cloud storage solution... two great tastes..


Comment Old News... Makes sense (liability wise) (Score 1) 591

Wireless providers have been storing triangulated data centrally for years. It was just never a) disclosed and b) stored on the handset. I can see why they do it on the handset.. 1) it's cheaper (storage/data wise) and 2) less liability (centralized hack/break ins/leaks, etc). This just validates many of Richard Stallman's base concerns about technology that you don't control. And Arthur Weasley's open source truism (from "Harry Potter"), "Never trust anything that can think for itself if you can't see where it keeps its brain." ;)


Comment Russia and Microsoft have so much in common (Score 1) 676

Read between the lines folks.
MS-Russia is in real trouble here. Their install base is all but eroded away.

Russia (just like many other governments) are out of cash and are mandating Free (as in beer) OSS. They've been told that all schools must use FOSS:
" If a school doesn't want to use the free software supplied by the government, it has to buy commercial licences using its own funds."

And since they're already GIVING it away to non-profits and NGOs just to maintain their install base:

Plus they're loosing the battle in anti-piracy:

MS-Russia is really grasping at straws here.

The funny thing in their latest statement is self contradicting.:
"We must bear in mind that Linux is not a Russian OS and, moreover, is at the end of its life cycle."

"Linux is not a Russian OS..."
(does not have the back doors we need)..

But they are about to MAKE it a Russian OS. Just like China did with RedFlag Linux:

And "is at the end of its life cycle"?!?
Last I checked is is growing like crazy!
The funny thing is that by making their own Linux.. they are, in fact extending it's reach (and life) further.. and further retarding the install base of Windows.
Microsoft knows this.. but just can not say it aloud.

I think it was Gartner who said that MS would have to have an Open Source offering to compete with Linux by 2008. The real work going forward for MS is three fold:
1) How to harness Open Source, given their OSS rep
2) How to make money at it..
and from a closed-source perspective:
3) How to keep GPL from "tainting" your closed source products
    (developers love to eat Asian food and pizza together..;)

As a Russian MD refugee friend of mine once told me regarding the government's view on how Russia sees its citizens,
          "They say, 'Russia is such nice place. Who woult evah vant to leef?' "

Russia and Microsoft have so much in common.


Comment Re:Closed Systems = Closed Wallet (Score 1) 163

Maybe we should view it as a market of freedom... as long as there IS choice (i.e. it exists), you don't HAVE to chose one over the other. The slippery part is for those who only use proprietary systems. The use of proprietary systems tends toward vendor-lock, which leads to more of the same. As long as you keep at least some mix of FOSS in there, at least you have options.


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