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Comment Re:Mod parent -1 uninformed (Score 1) 344

Given that's what map packs cost (including the MW1 maps), they are already borderline doing it. Modern Warfare 2, as a complete game, already costs a lot when you add up these costs, probably more than a lot of games by slightly smaller studios who can do FPS just as good with a similarly fleshed out world *cough* Bethesda, Valve *cough*... And for that you get no dedicated server, no mods, no cheat control and the privilege to pay for a subscription service! Quite a steal ;)

Comment Re:From TFA (Score 1) 138

Yeah, that's mostly true, but the junker class including a lot of industrialists did put a lot of weight behind them in Germany, thinking the nazis could be easily manipulated... The only thing that saved Schacht from the rope was his being such a complete moron (and if anything proved that it was his attempts at intriguing to get the nazis in power so he could keep them on a short leash for the junker cause... yeah).

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