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Comment Re:I don't buy the tax argument (Score 1) 527

However they don't explain why we should believe that current dealers would be willing to start collecting and submitting taxes to the government. They already have a product that they are selling tax-free, what is the incentive for the dealers to start charging more for the same product?

You just assume dealers would still be selling it on the street. Do you see any alcohol dealers on the street? Any tobacco dealers trying to get you to buy a smoke? When something is legalized it gets controlled by the FDA for purity and sold in stores. Excessive profits are taken out by competition and dealers either get unemployed or find a job somewhere else. Learn some basic economics, FFS.

Comment Re:Decriminalize not legalize (Score 1) 527

I don't mind people smoking pot but do not want my children to buy a pack on the streets.

You do realize that because it is illegal, your children are much more likely to be able to buy it on the streets right now? Dealers don't have age limits. If it was taxed and controlled your kids wouldn't be able to buy it unless they showed up at a state liquor store with ID showing they are 21. Right now they can probably get it at school if they wanted to.

Wake up - do you really think after legalization dealers are going to be roaming the streets convincing your kids to buy a pack of smokes? The biggest risk you're going to face is them going over to their friends house while their parents aren't home and getting into "daddy's stash." Kids have been doing this for years with alcohol, which is far more toxic and dangerous than cannabis, and actually can cause poisoning. The worst thing that can happen on cannabis is some kid gets the munchies and eats too much food.

Comment Re:Solution (Score 1) 1140

BTW one of my chief annoyances with the Mac OS is the inability to quickly and easily switch between windows. You have to juggle windows around on the screen. i.e. It's stuck in the pre-95 era. The Windows & Linux tab bars are a very easy solution to that problem.

Surely you've never used Mac OS X in the last 10 years. OS X has had a Dock for the last 10 years that performs the same function as what you call the tab bar. Also, alt-Tab works just fine on OS X.

Comment Re:Original Source and Actual Paper (Score 1) 462

To make matters even worse, we are definitely hitting 48 cores right now.

Luckily we aren't anywhere near 48 cores and there is some time left to come up with a new Linux (Windows?).

Total BS. I just installed two HP Proliant DL785G6 servers which have a total of 8 AMD 6-core CPUs each, for a total of 48 cores. Coming very soon is the new HP DL970 servers which will have a total of eight Intel 8-core servers, or 64 cores.

Bad summary. Doesn't Slashdot do the most minimal fact checking first?

Comment Re:Gluttons for abuse (Score 1) 299

The iOS device is not tuned like the PS3 or Wii, Apple is directly targeting iOS devices for general purpose mobile computing and home computing.

The AppleTV has never been sold as anything other than a set top box to plug into your TV. Where did you get "general purpose home computer" from? Certainly not Apple.

Comment Re:If iOS is a tiny segment, then why do you care? (Score 1) 630

Sure enough, they each separately report back that - wow - there seems to be some subversives on campus, so they each get 100 agents undercover. "The place is CRAWLING with subversives!" Next thing you know, "You can't walk 5 feet without seeing someone or something suspicious - people who don't fit in, blah blah blah".
All these people who got iPads so they can review them, or they can develop the "next big thing" ... and they're going to be obsolete in 3 months because everything we said about them was true.

Uh yeah.... because iPads are exactly like FBI agents... They're kinda subversive... or whatever.

Comment Re:Not very stealthy (Score 5, Interesting) 149

I reinstalled Dungeons and Dragons Online recently. The installer uses Pando. However, it wasn't very sneaky about it. It was in the install at some point.

The problem is that Turbine, makers of DDO and Lord of the Rings Online, is installing what is essentially the equivalent of adware or spyware without the user's permission. You have to manually uninstall it afterwards, and you are not given a choice whether or not to install it. Would you accept it if a game publisher installed adware toolbars into your browser without your permission?

This automatically puts Turbine on my shit list. I thought they were pretty cool for releasing DDO as a free to play game, but then when I found they installed Pando Media Booster, I uninstalled both Pando and DDO. You don't get to treat your customers like shit and expect us not to uninstall your software and send it to the /dev/null where it belongs.

Comment iPad (Score 1) 417

The iPad is pretty much toddler safe. They can bang away on the screen, touch it and get a response, and play around in apps pretty easily. What's more, it wipes clean pretty easily after they get their drool infested hands all over it. The only thing you need to be careful of is the home screen... They will definitely hold their fingers down and put your icons into "jiggle mode," and if you're not careful they can easily delete apps. Just supervise them while they use it and make sure they don't do anything really crazy, like email your boss or delete an expensive app.

I wish Apple had a "safe mode" where you couldn't delete any apps, move any icons, or change any settings. It would be nice to hand it over to the kids and not worry about them doing anything to it.

Comment Re:Apple TV will own the market. (Score 1) 579

No way I'd pay $1 to watch a TV episode once. Don't know about others, but assuming a $1 price point to own a song is more or less legitimate, can't see paying that much for a single viewing of a TV show. I value the vast majority of TV shows less than a single good song, so even $1 to own a TV show episode is pushing it (this may be why the only TV shows I own copies of are Firefly, Flying Circus, and Fawlty Towers).

Basically, the TV shows are either going to be ad supported or cost money. You pick. You can pay $0.99 to rent an ad-free version, or you can go to Hulu where advertisers are paying approximately 20 cents per ad to show you about 5 ad spots during the show.

TV content is not free to produce, but $0.99 is probably the most reasonable price they've had so far.

Now, if they would only add 5.1 surround for HD shows and closed captioning, they'd have a guaranteed hit on their hands.

Comment Re:Apple TV will own the market. (Score 1) 579

Now, what I want to know is does the interface give me a custom "shows I like" menu that will show that I have not watched or what is new, or will it be like the crappy current interface where I have to go searching for everything......

The interface Steve showed looked very nice. It has a favorite shows section where you can see icons for each show you like, with a numeric badge similar to the push notification on iOS showing new content for each show. The favorite shows icons can even be rearranged by holding down the select button on one of them for a few seconds, which puts the icons into "jiggle mode" similar to rearranging icons on iOS.

In short, they just made the first set top box interface that doesn't completely suck.

Comment Re:The top things AppleTV users requested... (Score 1) 579

Seriously... the number one requested feature is a frick'n DVR!!!

That's because people are idiots and they only want the function of the DVR - being able to time shift their favorite shows. They don't care how it is delivered. The DVR is a hack, meant to record content that is broadcast at a fixed time for later playback.

When people finally have the "universal library in the cloud with all TV shows and Movies ever created" they'll wonder why they even cared about DVRs in the first place.

Comment Re:RIM Don't cave in (Score 1) 176

I am not sure whether /. users appreciate the whole situation in India.
Terrorists using blackberry is an actual problem here.

I'm not sure whether /. users appreciate the whole situation in India. Terrorists using human language is an actual problem here. Therefore, we must now eavesdrop on all conversations. Furthermore, whispering is now forbidden, as you might be quiet enough that our microphones can't hear you. Speak loudly and clearly citizen - move along, nothing to see hear.

Comment Re:Am I missing something here? (Score 1) 176

Ok, the Indian government can tell Blackberry to give up its keys for a particular encryption layer, but what is to stop people from using RSA 512-bit encryption with their e-mails? Wouldn't this force terrorists to pay attention to what encryption methods they are using?

The problem is that the entire Blackberry infrastructure is built around them never having your decryption keys. The keys are generated by the customers, and stored on their own Blackberry Enterprise Servers and mobile devices. So, even if they wanted to eavesdrop on their customers communication, the only way that would be possible would be to release new versions of the BES with built-in back doors. If that was the case, I think customers would just switch to Microsoft ActiveSync, which uses SSL and is secure.

I can't help but think that all of these lawmakers don't understand how public/private key encryption works. They must think it works similar to the old wiretaps where you just connect two wires onto their line and listen in. Is there no way to explain encryption to these lawmakers in a way that they can understand? Maybe we need to resurrect zombie Ted Stevens to break out his "series of tubes" conversations...

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