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Comment Computer labs are backups to student computers (Score 1) 571

and because students can not always afford to keep their computers in working order (especially if their computer has a hardware problem), they need access to college maintained computers as a temporary backup should their personal computer fail. Even 12 hours without access to a working computer could be disastrous if it's the wrong 12 hours. All students having computers, and all students having working computers all the time are different things.

Comment Re:512Meg? (Score 2) 133

I've run XP SP3 on 256MB RAM before, it worked fine. None of the machines at my office have more that 512MB Ram, and they're all current, running XP SP3 and IE7 (but IE is disabled on most of them, with Firefox set as default). They run fine, so long as they're kept clean, however crapware and tracking cookies slow them down if they're not maintained well.

SUSE, like Windows is slow on a machine with 512MB RAM, I'm going try installing Ubuntu to see if that's better. KDE is crabby like Vista, Gnome is much better (and that's on a laptop with 1GB RAM).

Comment Re:Voice Recognition in a car? (Score 1) 378

Driver: Learn to drive you motherfucking asshole.
Car: Please clam down, your aggravation is safety hazard.
Driver: Fuck you Car! If you don't shut the fuck up I'm going to drive you into something.
Car: That would not be advisable, attempting that may result in property damage and injury.
Driver: Want to see... (Then slams car into a tree, in an attempt to teach the car a lesson)

Comment Re:Will they be allowed to present their stuff? (Score 1) 217

There are plenty of key logger applications which can legally be used on a computer one owns and allows others to use. This is different, this is used to intercept data a person enters on their own computer, not on your computer, and there aren't legal uses for that, expect finding ways to prevent it.

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