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Comment Re:Cold fusion on the horizon ? - better read this (Score 1) 49

recently Hitachi has replicated Mitsubishi's "low energy nuclear transmutation".

to be able to understand how confused you are start with reading this peer reviewed paper from 2002:

better stop using "cold fusion" as an example for crackpot science.

spot on.

Submission + - European commission recommends research in Fleischmann-Pons effect (

An anonymous reader writes: In a recently released report (page 23-26), the european commission recommends funding for research into the Fleischmann-Pons effect. This topic is also called Low Energy Nuclear Reactions (LENR), it is basically the same thing as what is generally known as cold fusion, but without the negative connotation.

What do they know about this topic that makes them conclude that it deserves funding, when the rest of the scientific world seems to still believe that this is absolute crackpot and not worthy ?

Your Rights Online

Submission + - Icelandic MP Claims US vendetta against Wikileaks (

Stirling Newberry writes: "Icelandic MP Birgitta Jónsdóttir details more of the evidence for what she calls a "judicial vendetta" against Wikileaks, and its volunteers, including attempts to gain access to her twitter account. Her efforts to block the National Defense Authorization have been mentioned by slashdot before. The story was taken up last year by Glenn Greenwald and Wired. As a result the International Parliamentarian Union adopted a resolution on her case.

What's new? She asserts that there is a grand jury investigation into Wikileaks and related organizations, and is calling on Sweden to provide assurances that Wikileaks founder Julian Assange not be re-extradicted to the US."


Submission + - What are the implications of finding the Higgs Boson?

PhunkySchtuff writes: "OK, so we're all hearing the news that they've found the Higgs boson.
What are some of the more practical implications that are likely to come out of this discovery?
I realise it's hard to predict this stuff — who would have thought that shining a bright light on a rod of ruby crystal would have lead to digital music on CDs and being able to measure the distance to the moon to an accuracy of centimetres?
If the Higgs boson is the particle that gives other particles mass, would our being able to manipulate the Higgs lead to being able to do things with mass such as we can do with electromagnetism? Will we be able to shield or block the Higgs from interacting with other particles, leading to a reduction in mass (and therefore weight?) Are there other things that this discovery will lead to in the short to medium term?"

Submission + - IE 9’s anti-tracking feature ‘flawed', (

Melchett writes: Jonathan Mayer, lead researcher on Stanford University’s ‘Do Not Track’ Project, said the findings by Which? Computing could leave IE9 users open to being tracked: ‘The issue here is that if a user installs TPLs that have ‘allows’ for web content that should be blocked, they leave themselves vulnerable to being tracked,’ he said.

He added: ‘The TRUSTe TPL is almost exclusively what we’d call an ‘allow’ list. It ‘allows’ content from Acxiom, a major data aggregator. If you want to stop your online behaviour from being tracked, the last thing you’d want to do is install a list that guarantees that Acxiom can track you.’

Submission + - Robert X Cringely predicts more mininuke plants (

LandGator writes: "PC pundit Robert X Cringely had a life before writing "Triumph of the Nerds" for PBS: He covered the atomics industry and reported on Three Mile Island. In this blog post, he analyzes the Fukushima reactor failures, and suggests the end result will be a rapid growth in small, sealed 'package' nuclear reactors such as the Toshiba 4S generator considered for Galena, Alaska. He thinks Japan may have little choice, and with rolling blackouts scheduled, he may be right."

Submission + - Third explosion at Fukushima power station ( 4

b0s0z0ku writes: As of early Tuesday morning in Japan, there are reports of an explosion at a third reactor at the Fukushima power station. Unlike the previous two explosions, this blast may have damaged the containment of the reactor itself.

Comment what risks are we talking about ? (Score 5, Interesting) 835

Eating those crops _might_ not pose a health risk, you might not die from it. This can be and will be proven again and again, but that's not the issue.
Allowing a company like Monsanto muscle itself into the world food business by IP protected crops, that's the real illness that we must protect ourselves from.
There is so much evidence that Monsanto is a dirty company, anyone who eats there GM stuff must be a Microsoft fan boy.

This Mr. Jones is on the scientific advisory board of Mendel Biotech, which states on their own web page: "Mendel's most important customer and collaborator for our technology business is Monsanto".

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