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Comment Re:What else would it look like? (Score 1) 215

Seriously, are you trolling or simply do not understand that this IS scientific information about Martian terrain, geology, soil, tectonics, atmosphere etc. With respect to earth, it tells us a lot about the Goldilocks zone's extent. Mainly because the other 2 terrestrial planets - Mercury and Venus don't seem to have terrain like the earth.

Do you think there is just one kind of dusty, rocky desert?
Go to the Atacama desert, and then to the Gobi desert, and to the Sahara. Tell me if you think they are the same.

Comment Re:Different viewpoints (Score 2) 86

Biologists do not see DNA as merely a storage medium. This might be an issue of semantics, but when biologists say "DNA" , they mean the molecule. Just plain DNA.

For it's 'non-storage-only' functions, DNA needs a bunch of proteins and RNA molecules. This entire functional and dynamic assemblage is referred to as 'chromatin'. This is why a bunch of other terms exist - exon, intron, promoter, enhancer, gene, telomere, tandem repeats, restriction site, nucleosome etc. Clearly, these are made up of DNA, but encode functions that are referred to by different names.

Comment Boxes can be complicated (Score 3, Insightful) 639

Packaging can be weird to understand. Some of the simplest-looking boxes are often hard to manufacture and use to package a product on a assembly line.

Remember that customer experience while unpacking is perhaps the most transient, short-lived event in the life of a product. Other factors such as safety while transport, shelf-appearance and the quality of the product itself is far far more important. And lets not get started about environmental costs of packaging.

It is easy to get all of it if you have a profit margin like Apple does - about 50%. The Nexus has a profit margin of barely 5-7%. So yes, they may cut corners on the box.

But something tells me people who want a Nexus get that the packaging is irrelevant enough as to be worthless within 2 minutes of the customer having finished it. Unboxing is where the function of packaging finishes.

Comment Re:The enemy among us. (Score 5, Insightful) 469

Yes, I do think the US is falling apart. This is of course entirely subjective and based on my feeling of the trajectory of events in the last 20 years in the US. I don't live in the US, though I am 'involved' in the US being in a profession that is very international and am affected by US systems.

From the outside, irrationality seems to dominate US public opinion. US laws and rhetoric seem to drift further and further from ground realities. Especially so when concerning the nature of digital information, environmental issues , issues on religion and so on. And if anything can be considered to be the major sociological topics of our generation, I think the internet, environment and religion are the top three.

I may be - in fact hope to be, completely wrong in my pessimism.

Comment Re:The enemy among us. (Score 3, Informative) 469

" the fact still remains that Kim Dotcom made his fortune by providing a service that was used to circumvent paying for content."

Calling your opinion a fact , does not a fact make.

The fact would be that Kim Dotcom provided a service for file sharing, hosting and distribution. The files the clients of said service chose to share , host and distribute happened to contain content that they were not licensed to do so with. The clients are the criminals, not the provider of the service. This is the the technical and legal fact.

Since they can't prosecute a million people and possibly maintain their political office at the same time, the US (politicians and agencies) chose to go for the easiest and softest target in this case - namely , Kim Dotcom.

Why is he a soft target? He is a single identifiable individual, who is obese and rich from doing something that is borderline legal. The psychological impact of seeing a fat , pompous and rich man , who got that way doing something the common man is repeatedly told is a very very bad thing is rather irritating.

If you think there is even a shred of legality in the behavior of the US you are fooling yourself. Even if Kim Dotcom turned out to have facilitated crimes (which is debatable but may be alleged), the US did not stay within the law either. That just brings it down to a case of Might is Right. This is why this case should be an indicator to the US public that their system is going to the dogs.

"All murderers are punished unless they work in large numbers or to the sound of trumpets" - Voltaire. He said it best.

Comment Oh shut up already. (Score 4, Insightful) 125

Can all these noobish people with their issue with version numbers get over it? Every Slashdot post has these idiots cribbing.

You can disable automatic updates. Why are you whining? You don't like something called 15? Write a Greasemonkey script to display the correct version number however you want.

All version numbers as supposed to say is which distribution came first and which came later. 15 > 14. That is all you need to know from a version number.

Comment Re:It's like this. (Score 1) 878

I also dispute your assertion that the apostrophe could be avoided while retaining meaning. "Knowing youre shit" is nonsensical, as "youre" is not a word. You have to parse it as either "you're" or "your", and the one that you choose dramatically changes the meaning of the sentence, as the pun demonstrates.

The apostrophe is avoided by using the standard "you are" instead of the colloquial "you're". I said "avoided", not "omitted".

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