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Comment Aye (Score 1) 114

I have this. If anyone is interested, visit my web site (where you won't see any mention of this specific project yet but where anyone can see who I am and what I do) and find my contact information there. I have provided my POS help and source code to a few people over the years so that they can establish POS businesses in their locations. I would submit many of the details of new things going on to Slashdot but there's no guarantee it would be published so instead I'll make a whitepaper available to anyone who wants it and contacts me. I'm busy with creating a next generation POS which won't require any POS computer(s) in any retail location itself. What I currently have is not really simply a POS solution but actually more of a touchscreen development framework for displays of all sizes, from the smallest to the largest, which allows people to work collaboratively across the LAN & Internet. I've been at this for several decades now and have always believed that the future will be all about touch screens everywhere. I'm not a programmer myself so if there are any programmers who want to work with me then I invite them to get in touch. There are many people I am working with already but we always need people who want to also be involved in things touchscreen related.

--Gene Mosher

Submission + - Linaro, for a world that just cannot get enough... 1

/.Rooster writes: With ever increasing interest in the driving power of Linux to reach the parts other OS's cannot reach a new era is heralded as Linaro ( commits to supporting Linux in ever pervasive ways. Promising to address the Android revolution it's broad portfolio of key companies such as ARM, Freescale, IBM, Samsung, ST-Ericsson and Texas Instruments in the embedded market means I, for one, am incredibly excited. Aren't you!?

Submission + - Got a Hitachi VisionPlate?

viewtouch writes: Got a Hitachi VisionPlate that you'd like to use as a Wireless Touchscreen X Terminal except that you don't know how to set it up? Well, if you email me gene at ViewTouch then I'll email you a 125 Mb Compact Flash image that you can write to the built-in CF card and it will work famously for you as a wireless Touchscreen X terminal.

Submission + - Bill Gates funds anti-net neutrality Congressman

amigoro writes: "It has emerged that Bill Gates funded an anti-neutrality Congressman at the last election. He gave $2,000, the maximum possible, to Rep. David Dreier (R-CA), who voted against Markey's "Net Neutrality Act of 2006". He also meant to be working closely with another anti-net neutrality Congressman, Cliff Stearns.

This is hardly surprising, considering the fact that Microsoft stands to lose, not gain, from net neutrality."

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