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Comment Pay Cash (Score 2) 209

Pay in Cash, don't use store discount cards. Don't let "them" tie the purchase to you. Problem solved.

Or, take the discount, pay with your convenient credit card, and don't give a crap what they think they know about you.

Your choice.

Comment Re:My own band can't advertise on Google (Score 0) 183

Already on it. :) My web games are in HTML5, and it sucks how bad the audio in HTML sucks. Actually, it sucks how bad HTML5 sucks. My next game will be in flash. I know how much of a dead end flash is, but that says something about how much HTML5 sucks, doesn't it?

Could I write "sucks" a few more times? What does that even mean?

Comment My own band can't advertise on Google (Score 4, Insightful) 183

I can't advertise my own band on Google. They refuse my ads again and again. Free music. It's MY music. My band wrote and recorded it. They will not let me advertise it as free.

The ads take days to get denied. Then I change it and it's days again to get denied. Eventually I just gave up.

On the other hand, the ads for free web games I make get approved in hours.

Comment Re:What happened to Digg? (Score 5, Insightful) 193

I used to visit Digg several times a day. Then they did a site redesign that was horrible. I stopped going there, and after a few days, realized I didn't miss it.

Note to slashdot: I've been coming here at least once a day since 1998. Note you have had redesigns but nothing too horrible, and I'm still here. Don't pull a Digg.

Comment Re:Yep. (Score 5, Interesting) 147

I have written one HTML5 game and I am working on another.

HTML5 runs fine on a PC, but is too slow on my iPhone 4s and my iPad.

I chose HTML5 because I wanted to brush up on my Javascript. If I wanted to make $, I'd have chosen Flash.

Making sure everything works in various browsers / OS is not too bad. I test in IE9, Chrome and Firefox on Windows 7, Chrome, Firefox and Safari on Mac, and Chrome Firefox on Linux. It can be time consuming to try them all, but once I nailed down the differences (mouse events in IE, most notably) it wasn't too bad.

Comment Write a game (Score 2) 335

Write something. Participate in the Liberated Pixel Cup or write a game on your own. I just wrote one and it was fun:

The best programmers learn on their own. They tinker at home. Don't rely on school to teach you everything, or even most things.

Or you could just party and drink and get laid. :)

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