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Comment Re:Justice Party reply (Score 1) 694

... Better!

So start by giving us a list of who the top leaders of the Justice Party are.

What is "CT"? Is this a Connecticut State party?

Then since you are working on your "Platform 2.0", give us your latest 1.x series platform so we know how far you got before you decided to ask for opinions! No need for us to rehash old hat if you've already agreed on something!

Good Politics is about information. So let's have it! Lots of it! As in, about 50 pages of it!
(Think that's a lot? That's just 5 pages on each of ten hot Tech topics!)

Comment Re:Handcuffs (Score 4, Interesting) 156

Once again, prison is to isolate dangerous people from the rest of society, not for harmless fraudsters.

harmless fraudsters?

In Dante's Inferno, Fraud is the 2nd most serious sin:

  • Circle 1: Limbo
  • Circle 2: Lust
  • Circle 3: Gluttony
  • Circle 4: Greed
  • Circle 5: Anger
  • Circle 6: Heresy
  • Circle 7: Violence
  • Circle 8: Fraud
  • Circle 9: Treachery

It's worthwhile considering why he thought that way. Who does more harm to society: a mugger or a corrupt banker? How many people do you know who have been mugged? How many people do you know who have been hurt by corruption?

Comment Re:Why would I want a "Nanny" app? (Score 3, Insightful) 173

I'm not "trying to impress anyone out there", I'm just trying not to die of boredom on my daily commute. A full-throttle acceleration from a stop light (when the way is clear and it's safe to do so) every now and then can really put a smile on my face.

I hear people say things about people with sports cars - "he's got small penis" or "he's showing off", but I'm just having fun. I'm having fun *for myself*. I've got no one to show off for - I'm married 17 years now.

This app is not for me.

Comment Re:What a silly thing to complain about (Score 1) 371

So it's not that you separately finance a phone and get service separately - if you finance a phone, service is mandatory and calling the service "no contract" is correct technically, but the contract of your phone financing makes the "no contract" plan part of the contract.

Simple solution. Pay for the phone upfront using a credit card. Cancel the service any time you like and pay for the phone as long as you like on your card. This stuff isn't rocket science.

Comment Re:Explain, please? (Score 3, Informative) 215

SkySQL is a commercial entity that uses MySQL and now MariahDB -

They are replacing MySQL with MariahDB for their hosted solutions and throwing financial backing at the project. MariahDB is not going away. I would encourage you to look into PostgreSQL however as an alternative:

Comment Re:Better distro's out there (Score 1, Funny) 177

Or you're a loser that's going through a mid life crisis. You guarantee you're older than me, and you prove it by calling me "son." Fascinating. I somehow doubt you actually have friends but int he event you do, good for you. You're an old man that plays video games. Want a cookie? I'll get back to my work and family life, thanks.

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