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Original Star Wars Camera Sells For $625,000 65

An anonymous reader writes "A Panavision PSR 35mm motion picture camera used by George Lucas to film Star Wars: Episode IV — A New Hope was was sold for $625,000, surpassing all expectations and setting a new world record. The camera package included a Panaspeed motor, matte box, follow focus, a Moy geared head, Italian-made Elemack camera dolly and lens, and two 1000-foot magazines. True Star Wars fans will be delighted to know the camera is still functional and has been completely restored."
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The Many Names of Linux Kernels 73

dartttt writes "Not many people know that Kernel releases have their codenames. Most of the Linux 2.6 and 3.x kernels include a name in the Makefile of their source trees, which can be found in the git repository. They are not publicized as such but some of them are really hilarious."

Comment Re:Bah! (Score 1) 695

It's not just direct action, but also the consequences of your acts. Start consuming local products and goods, instead of having them imported at great environmental costs. Also try to shutdown anything sucking electricity the more often possible. There is a lot to do. But whining because your own comfort is compromised will not get you anywhere.

Comment Correct use of files (Score 0) 369

In the *NIX world, we don't have much problems with files, as everything is a file. But it's clear that when in Windows, a directory move is not atomic (each child is moved one after each other), I can understand they say current implementation is broken.
Operating Systems

Submission + - Dennis Ritchie, creator of C & Unix reported d (

Whiney Mac Fanboy writes: "The register & many others, are reporting on the death of Dennis Ritchie", confirmed by a google plus post by Rob Pike, a former colleague at Bell labs.

Dennis Ritchie was best known as co-creator of the Unix operating system (modern versions of which underpin most smart phones, Linux & OS X) and the creator of the powerful & elegant C programming language.

This is a truly sad day. The computing community has lost one of the giants, on who's shoulders so many who came after stood."

Submission + - Dennis Ritche dead at age 70 (

pedantic bore writes: Dennis Ritchie, pioneer of C and UNIX, former leader of the Computer Sciences Research Center at Bell Labs, and winner of the ACM Turing Award, is reported dead at age 70.

Dennis Ritchie was one of the inventors who, without much fanfare and almost no publicity outside of the field, revolutionized operating systems and programming languages. His influence is ubiquitious; C and POSIX are the bedrock of nearly all modern computing platforms.

Submission + - Dennis Ritchie passed away (

An anonymous reader writes: I've recently learned that Dennis Ritchie has passed away. Where is the Slashdot love to one of the Unix creators?. Like it or not, Unix and it's programming language, C, has been the more influential pieces of software of all times.
R.I.P. Dennis, and thanks for all the semicolons.

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