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Comment Re:All Edison's fault (Score 1) 1080

If you're getting 400-500% efficiency, this means you're inventing energy as you get 100% max. Any more, any more and you're opening up a hole from another dimension to let energy in. I want to know how to do that.

He said it's a heat pump operating in heating mode. It is quite literally importing heat from someplace else - usually the outside of the house where the external unit on the A/C is. He is using one unit of energy to run the pump to import another 4 units of energy from outside the house - thus 4 units from 1 unit, 400% efficiency. It's just outdoors, not another dimension.

Comment Re:Much more expensive than I was expecting (Score 1) 282

They caught up after the Slim redesign and many years of effort - in the early going it was pretty rough. You may recall there were folks who bought multiple PS3s at launch to resell on eBay for inflated prices, only to find they couldn't even sell them at MSRP. I agree with you that the PS3 is fine now, but its launch was widely considered to be a failure.

Comment Re:New controllers expensive (Score 2) 282

The system supports a max of two, and no launch games support that.

This is sounds like a reasonable proxy for "one Mario game, one Zelda game, and one minigame collection is all that will support two of the tablet controllers over the lifetime of the system".

None of my Nintendo hardware has ever broken, except a few of my NES cartridges (I overheated SMB3). Of course, none of my other hardware either, except one RROD, so maybe I'm not representative.

Comment Re:Plagiarism is NOT only word for word! (Score 1) 113

I understand and agree with what you're saying...I just think that "different ways to say something" is shallow and trivial compared to actually having new ideas. Requiring novel expression as a tool to force students to develop as writers works really well, and banning plagiarism as immoral is correct, but there is no connection between the two: learning to write a phrase that sounds only half a bad as the perfected one you found in a review does not improve your knowledge of the subject or skills at anything other than writing. Developing writing is great, but not generally the point of the assignments in question.

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