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Comment Re:So what? (Score 5, Interesting) 397

The point of netbooks is to use them for whatever the fuck you want. Just because they are called "netbooks" doesn't mean I'm only allowed to access the internet with them.

On my netbook I can browse the internet, write an essay in OpenOffice, watch 720p movies, run an FTP client, play CS:S. Upgrading to Windows 7 makes all of these things faster.

Comment My Anecdotal Evidence (Score 5, Interesting) 397

Having run Windows XP, Ubuntu and Windows 7 on my MSI Wind U100 I can say Windows Seven has by far been the best OS. XP ran fine, but it wasn't particularly pleasing to the eye and had some issues running multiple programs at once. Ubuntu looked marginally better but performance wise it was terrible, I couldn't watch a flash video without it seizing up. Windows Seven looks pretty, runs faster than XP and is just better overall.

Comment You had to ignore them to do anything (Score 1) 432

A couple years back when FireFox threw a security warning on every single freaking site, including legitimate ones you basically had to ignore it. It was either that or just don't get anything done. FireFox isn't that bad anymore, but because of that people are used to just clicking through without caring.

This is why there is a delicate balance between too much and too little security.

Comment Re:facebook generation (Score 1) 260

Sell it to a porn site? Why on earth would a porn site want pictures from FaceBook, the vast majority of which are of fully clothed individuals? The zillion photos FaceBook has have no monetary value besides the traffic they bring from people who are friends the individuals in the pictures.

Now there are other reasons you shouldn't post incriminating pics to FaceBook, but porn sites buying them isn't it.

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