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Comment Re:Purse Phone (Score 5, Informative) 348

So you're saying the iPhone has NFC file transfer? Where's your SD card slot? How about a standard micro USB connector instead of the Apple proprietary plugs? Apple's much vaunted "retina display" is 1,136 x 640 and lower resolution than the Galaxy S3's 1,280 x 720 resolution. iPhone requires you to install iTunes to access your phone from your PC (and screw you, Linux users). Samsung, like all android phones, just plugs in and acts as a USB drive. Or you can wireless tether to your PC with an Android. The iPhone 5's camera is 8mp and has ugly purple flair problems, G S3 is also 8mp and features image stabilization. G S3 has longer battery life than the iPhone 5. Where the iPhone's stylus pen? How about showing me some sweet widgets or desktop mods on you iPhone? Let's see you install 3rd party apps without rooting your phone.

You think this is just about screen size? You're not paying attention.

Comment Re:Purse Phone (Score 4, Interesting) 348

I disagree about the size. I own the Galaxy S2 Touch and look forward to upgrading. In terms of size my phone is roughly comparable to the S3. I've never been uncomforartable with the phone in my pocket. Now the Note on the other hand is pretty friggin huge, but it sells so people must like it.

I agree with you regarding the iPhone being pretty crappy, especially the 5. I hate typing on the tiny screen on one of my kid's iTouch screens. The iPhone 5's slightly larger screen is still small compared to most smart phones.

The Iphone 5 is just more of the same-old from Apple. Slightly better specs under the hood, but not a lot for the average user to get excited about. Where's the innovation?

Apple is becoming a follower instead of a leader.

Comment Re:Council Bluffs (Score 1) 88

The one in CB looks like a power plant from the road. It's accoss from a trailer park, excuse me, some portable homes.

They didn't spent much on outward appearances. There is one small Google sign at the security gate. If it weren't for that you could mistake it for a manufacturing facility.

Comment Council Bluffs (Score 1) 88

I drive by this one occasionally. The only thing you see from the road is the cooling towers. It's interesting to finally read about part of it's function:

>> "This massive antenna receives signals for our Access Services unit which brings fiber optics to residential homes all over the globe. These antennas are also the primary signal source for hundreds of TV channels that make up Google Fiber's TV service."

Google Fiber in CB Iowa? Yes please! How about dragging that line over to Omaha while you're at it?

Comment Don't hold your breath (Score 1) 59

I live in Omaha NE, Sprint still hasn't turned on their 4G LTE. Verizon's had theirs for ages, but I don't want to worry about overage fees. I always go over 2gb per month. Unlimited data is one of my requirements for a carrier.

Sprint likes to throw around a map of all the places about to have 4G, but they never want to get into tentative dates.

T-Mobile isn't in this area or I'd jump ship. Unlimited data and 4G LTE. I even like Carly Foulkes.

As for the tethering - if you're willing to root your phone there are plenty of Android ROMs that will allow you to tether. I have a ROM called "Blu Cuban" on my Galaxy S2 based Ice Cream Sandwich. I tether all the time and it's never shown up on my phone bill. Check out If you've never rooted your phone before there's a million videos on youtube to show you how.

Comment Re:Power steering isn't a safety feature. (Score 1) 658

>> "Citation needed."

Quite the opposite. I need to be convinced something the size of a golf cart is safe. I've seen claims by Mercedes-Benz about the strength of the rollcage, but the passengers in a Smart Car sit with their backs effectively against the rear of the car. In the event of a rear-end or side collision there's no crumple space to buffer. Eight airbags might help a bit, but passengers in a Smart Car are at the mercy of physics. There's just not much between them and the car hitting them.

A small car is never going to be as survivable as a larger car. I hope you accept that before starting a family.

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