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Comment Marketing fail. (Score 4, Insightful) 442

I've said before the Surface marketing was one of the nails in the coffin. The TV ads mostly featured hipster dambasses dancing and hiphoping while spinning the Surface tablet. Very little if any product knowledge is communicated.

MS has to tell people WHY they should choose their option over iPad and dozens of Androids, Kindles, and Nooks. There are tablet for all price points. Some offer decent performance and graphics. Others are affordable. Surface is.... from Microsoft. I guess that's all you need to know.

Then there's the Metro GUI fiasco. MS basically appologizes for Metro on Windows 8 and offers a Metro-less option on the new betas. What does that tell a potential tablet buyer?

I think this thing will be discontinued within a year. If I were a Surface owner I'd be hoping for an Android or Linux port right about now. Can you root a Surface??? I guess I'm lucky I don't need to worry about that one.

Comment Thank goodness we don't have fascists in change (Score 4, Interesting) 259

I'm so glad we have a two party system where one party is so very obviously good and virtuous and the other is evil for all to see. We should keep voting blindly along party lines based on the rhetoric these people speak rather than looking at their actions.

I must excuse myself, the Two Minute Hate is about to begin.

Comment Re:Better idea - inform the consumer (Score 1) 330

>> "I find these ads ridiculously pretentious"

To the extent they are emotionally manipulative I'd agree, but they're light years better than the choreographed hip-hop dancing in the Surface ad. Little to none in the 'product knowledge' category. In the MS ad I see dancing, the "kickstand on the back of the device, the cover/keyboard, and fleeting glances at the screen. Surface has a user interface (Metro) that MS just removed from it's desktop OS. That's a loud message. MS nearly apologised for Metro on the desktop but they expect people to want this on a tablet?

Even in the Apple "signature" ad I can draw the conclusion of using Apple products to video chat, listen to music, take pictures and do creative things. The commercial is sappy but it does tell people something.

Apple's emotional advertising is due to their stock price taking a pounding. They have no new killer app or product in the wings. A new iOS and that strange little Mac Pro aren't going to find love on Wall Street. Apple is in a position of selling you stuff you're seen many times and have very likely used or own in an earlier form. There are no suprises or "one more thing" to spring on you. I have to guess it's becoming hard to sell iPods/iTouch devices.

Comment I own a tablet. My next phone will be smaller. (Score 1) 221

At the beginning of my current Sprint contract I got a Galaxy SII. It's been a good phone, no complaints. But durring this time I also picked up my first tablet (Asus Transformer Infinity) and I now find I've backed way off on the smart functions and apps on my phone.

I think at this point I'd be happier with a smaller device that acted as a solid 4G LTE hotspot to my tablet (and a new carrier because Sprint lied through their teeth about 4G deployment in my area)

Comment Better idea - inform the consumer (Score 5, Insightful) 330

Right now MS adverts for the surface are nothing more than hipster dipshits dancing on a boardroom table and spining the Surface around. There is nothing infomative, nothing to tell the consumer why they might consider purchasing this vs. an Ipad or a decent Android tablet.

MS can't act like Apple. People already know why they might like to have an iPad. They either own one or have a fiend who does. Surface doesn't have familiarity to fall back on. It looks like an overgrown Zune and unless MS tells people otherwise they will assume it's just an "also ran" in the tablet race.

Slashing prices it nice but it reaks of desperation. I might be tempted to think they are dumping existing inventory prior to dropping the product line.

Comment Tech savy? (Score 1) 146

>> 'I think what we're trying to do is the equivalent of what you've got in the Internet, which is horizontal integration rather than vertical integration...'

It's always fun listening to a suit try to describe the interwebs using MBA terminology.

Next we can look forward to listening to health care issues described as "target markets" and "economies of scale".

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