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Comment Re:Android still needs better games. (Score 1) 74

Nintendo sold 118m Gameboy handhelds. The DS has sold 157m worldwide. Android dwarfs both of those numbers.

I doubt all Android owners are all gamers or that they all have a device worth playing on. Still, nothing changes the fact this is a neglected, potentially huge market for quality gaming. The big names in game development are staying away in droves.

Comment Re:No Wii Remote on Android 4.2 (Score 1) 74

You're right that I'm still running 4.1.1, I wan't aware the Wiimote app had stopped working. To be honest, it's not a big picture solution to the problem.

Ultimately for gaming to expand on Android players need to know when they buy a game
1) It will work on their device.
2) The controls will be more that a hodge-podge of shakes and swipe actions. It's time for bluetooth joystick support to become standard. When you buy computer hardware it usually has stickers "Compatable with..." and then all the flavors of Windows and OSX. There should be an Android sticker there too.
3) I've paid 5 dollars for games on my tablet (one of those - Asphalt 7 - has never worked on any device I've owned. Gameloft sucks.) I don't mind paying for a decent game as long as it's not buggy. Low price points are an idea created by the app store mindset. We all know real games are going to cost more. If there were a good port of an Arkham title I'd buy it without hesitation.

Google needs to step up here.

Comment Android still needs better games. (Score 4, Interesting) 74

According to wikipedia there are over 900 million Android mobile devices in the world. That's a lot of potential gamers who want to play something better than Fruit Ninja. At this point EA ports some of their stuff and then there's Gameloft - everything they publish would be laughed off another platform.

I have a Tegra 3 based device - an Asus Transformer - and Need for Speed is the only game I play that doesn't piss me off.

"...but there's no buttons or joystick and so controls suck" Bullshit. I've paired a Wii classic controller through bluetooth and used it to play old MAME arcade stuff. There's countless bluetooth joysticks in the world. Game publishers could code the option to use them (and tell gamers it's heavily recomended) and then start writing some decent games.

Comment As a developer... (Score 2) 247

... I would like to have a version of Eclipse or Netbeans that I can run ON AN ANDROID. I have an Asus Transformer tablet and keyboard. I'd like the option of writing code for the Android on an Android.

Comment Ethics (Score 3, Interesting) 99

Consider for a moment that were possible. Probably not today, at some point if driver software could be written to run this digital model. If by some long shot it were possible would it be ethically right? What if there were some sense of awareness, personality, fear of the strange circumstances she now finds herself in? She would be without her senses and without any level of input from the outside that she would relate to as a normal person.

And then consider: Is it right to turn such a system on and off like any other computer?

Comment Re:Don't Do The Dig ... (Score 1) 601

I know. What was I thinking? Screw bringing in those eggheads!

When you punch through to a hole in the ground I would have thought somebody would be concerned with sinkholes and other underground features that can cause a foundation to shift or collapse.

Nope. We should follow your lead. Drive those piles into the ground and raise a 40 story building.

Comment Re:Don't Do The Dig ... (Score 1) 601

OK. Let's do it you way. Next time a construction company punches into a void area of limestone or other sediment they should fill it without further study or concern. I'll tell them Runaway1956 takes full responsibility, don't be concerned with a delay. Fill it with concrete. After all, that brand new Nuclear Power Station you're building is going to supply energy for an entire region. We shouldn't concern ourselves with the possibility you accidently discovered a previously undocumented fault line.

Comment Re:Don't Do The Dig ... (Score 5, Insightful) 601

Nice. Your former employer filled undocumented, potentially important history (which belongs to us all) with cement. You worked for the same breed of dumbasses who tore down a Mayan temple to make road gravel.

Is government a pain in the ass? Yes. Do the overreact? All the time. Why? Because of people doing stuff like what you just described.

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