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Comment Ethics (Score 3, Interesting) 99

Consider for a moment that were possible. Probably not today, at some point if driver software could be written to run this digital model. If by some long shot it were possible would it be ethically right? What if there were some sense of awareness, personality, fear of the strange circumstances she now finds herself in? She would be without her senses and without any level of input from the outside that she would relate to as a normal person.

And then consider: Is it right to turn such a system on and off like any other computer?

Comment Re:Don't Do The Dig ... (Score 1) 601

I know. What was I thinking? Screw bringing in those eggheads!

When you punch through to a hole in the ground I would have thought somebody would be concerned with sinkholes and other underground features that can cause a foundation to shift or collapse.

Nope. We should follow your lead. Drive those piles into the ground and raise a 40 story building.

Comment Re:Don't Do The Dig ... (Score 1) 601

OK. Let's do it you way. Next time a construction company punches into a void area of limestone or other sediment they should fill it without further study or concern. I'll tell them Runaway1956 takes full responsibility, don't be concerned with a delay. Fill it with concrete. After all, that brand new Nuclear Power Station you're building is going to supply energy for an entire region. We shouldn't concern ourselves with the possibility you accidently discovered a previously undocumented fault line.

Comment Re:Don't Do The Dig ... (Score 5, Insightful) 601

Nice. Your former employer filled undocumented, potentially important history (which belongs to us all) with cement. You worked for the same breed of dumbasses who tore down a Mayan temple to make road gravel.

Is government a pain in the ass? Yes. Do the overreact? All the time. Why? Because of people doing stuff like what you just described.

Comment Abraham v. Alpha Chi Omega (Score 1) 442

In 2008 the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion against copyright holders after failure to enforce trademarks for more than 40 years.

The defendant Thomas Kenneth Abraham for years was a producer of decorative fraternity and sorority paddles. In 1990 thirty-two fraternities and sororities commenced contacting Abraham asking his to pay a license to use certain house names and logos. The defendant asseted a "laches defense" which is when a copyright holder falls asleep which regard to their trademark enforcement as he had already been creating the paddles for 30+ years. In 2008 the plantiffs sued and and were declined monetary relief after failing to enforce their copyrights for so long. They were however awarded an injunction against further use by Abraham, which of course doesn't line the attorneys pockets.

How long have people been singing Happy Birthday? How many people even knew there was an "author"? I would have assumed it was a 'traditional' and hence public domain.

Certainly there has been no enforcement of copyright over the years, and I'm guessing latches would apply.

Submission + - Supreme Court Unanimously Rules Human Genes Unpatentable 1

the eric conspiracy writes: In a landmark decision the Supreme Court ruled that that mere act of extracting genetic material from the human body does not result in patentable material. However they did rule that synthetic derivatives of DNA can be patented. Known as complementary DNA or cDNA these derivative are essentially stripped down forms of the original DNA.

The result for Myriad is that they still have protection for their test, however the decision also allows researchers to work with the DNA sequences that are predecessors to the cDNA used in the test.

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