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Comment Minimum wage? (Score 1) 371

Only one other commenter mentioned the minimum wage in AUS, which is $15/hour. That is compared to $7.25/hour in the US.

I have no idea how the taxes compare and affect the actual "in your pocket" amount after all is said and done, but clearly having a job in AUS would seem to assure you of an income many Americans can only dream of.

High income/high cost people also get to enjoy more mobility than low income/low cost people with regards to traveling and vacations.

Comment Re:What a dumb slashvertsement (Score 1) 93

As a matter of fact, I just reconfigured an old P4 box for my niece. And the distro I installed on it was Xubuntu.>

Just as an aside, I'd recommend Lubuntu for most P4s, especially those with less than 768MB. Xubuntu these days isn't so much a light version of mainline Ubuntu as an alternate full version (like Kubuntu is ).

Comment Re:Ms Rover (Score 1) 256

They could be just continuing the tradition of referring to ships as "she".

While they people running the mission do not depend on the rover for their livelihood the way sailors depended on their ship, I'm assuming it's still a group of mostly men working together over a long time period.

I would probably go with "it" myself, though.

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